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Help! My Kids' Sports Are Taking Over My Life!

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You work hard, keep the house organized, cook, clean, make sure your kids don't maim each other ... and now it's baseball season. The mere thought of endless games and constantly traveling like a nomad makes you feel like you're getting closer to the edge. Have your kids' sports taken over your life?

Most of the time, you deserve to have an "S" on your chest for being such a put-together mom, but once the kids' sports roll around, you wish you could fly far, far away. Not only do you and your kids become overscheduled and overcommitted, but your spouse becomes obsessed with the minutia of every game. He can quote your kids' stats off the top of his head like it's nothing, as if everybody knows that info. The behavior reaches crazy-making levels, and sometimes it's downright embarrassing. According to i9 Sports, the nation's fastest-growing youth sports league for kids 4 to 14 years old, these are the signs that sports are taking over your life. Just admitting you have a problem is the first step ....

Signs that Kids' Sports Have Taken Over Your Life

Cross Training

Your kids can't rest on the "off season." You expect them to run and lift weights, even if they're 8 years old.

Happy Meal A-Go-Go

The days of eating dinner at the kitchen table as a family are long gone. McDonald's and the back of your mini-van are where "family dinners" now take place.

Yourrrrrr OUT OF HERE!

Other parents can't cover their children's ears quick enough when they see you walking towards the ref. Note: F-bombs are never appropriate at a Little League game.

Your Idea of Social Networking

When you aren't screaming at referees or other kids on the opposing team, you live on the bleachers.You rarely take bathroom breaks because life doesn't exist outside of those bleachers.

#1 on Speed Dial

Why waste the #1 spot on speed dial on your mom or spouse? The coveted #1 spot goes to the coach of course! You have long intimate conversations about the finer points of your little one's game.

Friends? What Friends?

Nothing is more important than soccer playoffs. Who cares if you have to miss your best friend's wedding? You can see the pictures later and she'll get over it.

I Think I Remember You

You've forgotten what your husband looks like because you haven't seen him since the beginning of the season. Like two ships passing in the night, you settle for seeing him in between shuttling kids to practice, recitals and games.

Repetition Compulsion

Everyone on Facebook and Twitter knows your child's stats from the game because you post start every post with them. People have threatened to block you.

Planning Victory

You hope and dream of the day that the MVP of the team moves so that your kid can be in the starting line-up. Maybe you can talk them into moving across town.

Co-Workers Hate You

You used to talk to your co-workers about the latest episode of 'Lost' or what you did over the weekend. Now your co-workers have to hear about every single one of your kid's sports stats if they like it or not.

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Anonymous May 27, 2010, 9:19 PM

Kid’s sports aren’t about mothers. They are about the children. If the kids love to play let them play. The mom does not have to go to every single game. They should support their children in their interests, but the kids don’t care if their mother misses a few games. Sports keep kids out of trouble, give them physical activity (obesity is a huge problem in America), teaches them discipline, gives them a chance to make new friends, and of course it’s fun. I think this is a very self-centered article. If you’re a good mom, think about your kids.

Karate Arlington TX June 18, 2010, 9:12 AM

This is a great article. Remember not to just be a taxi service for your kids. A Balanced approach is always best.

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