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Jennifer Aniston Eats Baby Food?

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Ronda Kaysen: Gerber: It's not just for babies anymore.

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Jennifer Aniston has reportedly taken to eating jars of baby food to shed some unwanted pounds. Yes, you read that correctly: The 41-year-old starlet has allegedly taken to spoon-feeding herself puréed peaches in lieu of regular grownup food.

Baby food has become something of a dieting trend on the Hollywood skinny circuit in the past few years. The diet even has a name (of course): It's referred to as none other than the "Baby-Food Cleanse" diet. (Not a particularly clever moniker, but I guess if you're subsisting on jars of mushed carrots and strained peas, you don't have much creative energy left to come up with witty descriptors.)

Reese Witherspoon has supposedly been known to forgo several meals a day in favor of the little jars (maybe she started testing them out when her own kids were sampling the fare). And "Desperate Housewives" star Marcia Cross reportedly indulges in the bland sludge, too.

But the diet -- which first got noticed in 2007 -- received renewed attention this week when Aniston hired celeb trainer Tracy Anderson to help her get fit for her new film, "Just Go With It."†Anderson -- who has trained Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow†--†reportedly suggested that Aniston substitute her first two meals of the day and all midday snacks with baby food. The diet was such a success that Aniston reportedly lost seven pounds in a week.

Although Hedi Slimane, the French-born New York fashion designer, has previously been credited with coining the phrase "Baby-Food Cleanse," Anderson claims that the regimen of eating 14 servings of baby food, followed by a healthy dinner, is her creation.

"I developed a cleanse where you can still eat, and it's a lot of purée foods," she told "I was very careful about the foods I chose to put in it. When you do these liquid cleanses, I felt a responsibility to come up with something. Liquid cleanses do help you lose weight, but you will gain more the next week. I wanted something where you can eliminate toxicity, break bad habits but still have your digestive system going. That is when the Baby-Food Cleanse was born."

I suppose there's nothing inherently wrong with eating food designed for infants. After all, if it's safe enough for a baby, it can't exactly hurt you. But something about the image of Jennifer Aniston stocking up on jars of Earth's Best just seems wrong. Does she use a baby spoon? It would help with portion control. It just seems to me that there might be a more dignified way to slim down. And last I heard, losing seven pounds in the span of seven days is not very good for your health.

Would you try the baby-food diet?

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