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Miss USA Pole-Dancing Pics: No Big Deal!

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Momlogic's Julie: Miss USA's pole-dancing pictures have surfaced -- just days after she won the crown.

miss usa pole dancing

This reminds me of Chris Rock's line about a father's only job in life: "Keep your daughter off the pole!" He jokes that if you keep your daughter off the pole, everything else will turn out all right. (See the uncensored Chris Rock video here -- NSFW!)

Well, Miss USA Rima Fakih's dad DID NOT keep her off the pole ... but now she is Miss USA. Mind you, Rima was not a stripper: She was participating in a women-only striptease class that was sponsored by a radio station, and never took off a stitch of clothing. Yes, she was pole-dancing TECHNICALLY, but who cares?

Some moms today are up in arms: "A woman who danced on a stripper pole should not be Miss USA!"

Let's not forget that Miss USA contestants are the hottest women in their entire states. They are hot, sexy women who have pasts. If they are representing the good ol' U.S.A. and all it stands for, I'd be surprised if they HADN'T pranced around a stripper pole once or twice. This is the age of the Sheila Kelley S-Factor pole-dance workout, after all.

If Miss USA had been a bona fide stripper or porn star, I can see having a problem with it. But since she just took a striptease class, who cares?

But I think that this SHOULD serve as a lesson to our daughters, who are all growing up in the digital age: Most everything you do is documented and recorded. You have no idea if you'll want to be Miss USA someday, or the CEO of a big company, or even the President of the United States. So watch what you do now, ladies. Because photos like this always leak, and a Google search can prove damaging to your future five, ten, even twenty years down the line.

Do YOU think the Miss USA photos are a big deal ... or no biggie?

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