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Right on Target

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Kate Meyers: Helllloooo? As if there weren't already enough reasons to love Target, my fave store comes out with a new ad that reminds me why I love it in the first place.

I am not a big spender. I love good value at a good price. I also love pleasant, clean stores where you can buy all-cotton T-shirts, mayonnaise AND underwear, as well as something for a school project that your kid forgot to tell you about the night before.

I know my Target store inside out. I can point to what's new and cool, what's a great buy (wait until the second week of school to purchase backpacks, for instance) and where the cheap DVDs are (one of those and a packet of microwave popcorn is my favorite under-$10 birthday gift). Reasonably priced, cute holiday stuff? Please, tell me to stop!

So today, Target comes out with a perfect ad, which begins with baby-whose-face-you-want-to-eat-up-with-a-spoon. She has that happy baby zoned-out look on her face, and she's all baby-clean (you can practically smell the powder) and fresh in her two-piece polka-dotted number. We hear water sloshing in a sink, and in the background we see the bottom half of a barefooted mom, ostensibly doing dishes. It's unclear whether the water flow has incited the baby's bladder or not, but either way, it seems evident that as the baby looks down at her diaper, she is signaling for a change. In the next moment, there is a cut to a large pack of diapers. Bullseye, I dare say -- which is exactly what the ensuing flash of Target's logo suggests. 

Adorable, smart commercials? A place to purchase diapers, as well as something to cover the wrinkles caused by the many YEARS of changing them ... and some dark chocolate, while I'm at it? Target, I salute you.

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Raylene Socia February 22, 2011, 8:21 AM

I am way more open-minded than I used to be, and enjoy experiencing new themes.

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