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Sisters Liz Lange and Jane Wagman Help Moms Look Fabulous

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Maternity designer extraordinaire Liz Lange and her graphic designer sister Jane Wagman -- both moms of two -- have launched the amazing website Shopafrolic to take the guesswork out of shopping. We're obsessed with this site!

 Liz Lange and Jane Wagman

Momlogic: Why did you start the website?

Jane Wagman: We started the site because we are shopaholics! We were e-mailing each other nonstop: "I bought this ... what do you think? You should buy this!"

Liz LangeBoth Jane and I are good at dressing and shopping. We would notice at our kids' schools, moms would ask us at pick-up and drop-off where we bought our clothes. And many of the things we were wearing were far less expensive than what they were wearing! They'd say, "Is that Prada?" And we'd be like, "Nope -- Forever 21!" They'd ask us to take them shopping. As much as we'd love to, we're too busy to take everyone shopping -- so this site seemed like an easy way to share what we like with them.

ML: You send out daily e-mails of fashions you love -- and it seems to be a great mix of high-low. Was that intentional?

LL: Definitely! We try for even less high and more low. We are both busy moms, and we understand that moms are low on time and money. But I think moms should still look fabulous. They're still women, they're still sexy ... we're giving them ways to dress, to look really pulled together.

JW: We are really good at going in H&M and scanning the whole floor and picking out the two nice items. The high-low thing is huge for us. When the high-end designers come through H&M, it doesn't mean that every single item in it is cute. We are editors and curators, and we will tweet out the two best items to buy in a particular line. We just did that with the Liberty of London line at Target -- we were all about that maxidress!

ML: What are the best trends for moms right now?

JW: Military -- we're obsessed with military! The trend toward neutral -- khaki and olive feel fresher than black right now. Tribal -- wood bangles, natural reds, ivory shell. The whole feminine flirty trend, and romantic details.

LL: We love shorts; we don't feel shorts are just for 18-year-olds with toothpick legs. There are great shorts out there for almost every body type. We love pairing shorts with a little blazer. We both love that sexy preppy look, with shrunken boys' blazers.

ML: Is everything on your site available online?

LL: We are adamant about that -- that these clothes be accessible to everyone.

ML: So many moms feel they don't have time or energy to look hip or worry about fashion -- what do you say to those moms?

LL: That's the point of our site. There's no reason to stop being a cute woman because you have had a kid or two. For the same amount of money and effort, you can look so much more pulled together! Looking good makes you feel better about yourself, which makes you a better mom.

JW: After my workouts, I pull on over-the-knee boots over my black leggings and a cute cardigan or trench coat, and suddenly people are complimenting me on my outfit. I could have just as easily slipped on some fit-flops and a hoodie over my workout clothes, but I feel so much better when I take that extra step.

ML: What do you say to moms who feel guilty spending money on clothes?

LL: You HAVE to be willing to splurge on yourself once in a while -- it doesn't mean you don't love your child, or that you don't love being a mom.

JW: Of course, you are not going to spend the $100 that you were going to spend on your kids' winter coat on yourself -- only YOU know your budget.

LL: But there is so much stuff on our site that's less than $100 -- Target, H&M, Forever 21 -- the world has changed!

JW: Our mom won't buy expensive things, but she'll buy twenty $20 items. I always say, "Buy one $100 item and live in it!"

LL: When you invest in a few good pieces per season, it's transformative! With our site, we want to inspire the love of shopping. The economy needs it!

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