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Why Are We So Obsessed with Suri Cruise?

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Christina Montoya Fielder: Never in my life have I seen the media so enthralled by someone under the age of 5. You'd think little Suri Cruise has two heads with the way that people snap pictures of her. And to be honest, it's just sick. We as a society are forgetting the fact that she is a mere child -- one who isn't even old enough to write her own name or tie her own shoes. So what's with the constant analysis of her each and every move?

Suri Cruise

Let's take a look at some of Suri's recent headline-grabbing activities:

Suri wears a nightgown and fuzzy bunny slippers for a night on the town. She's 4. Has your 4-year-old ever tried dressing herself, and then thrown a wicked tantrum when you told her she couldn't wear that out? But you're so late for that event that you just let her wear the darn thing? That's what happened here, I'm sure of it. In fact, just this evening, I saw a kid -- probably about the same age -- wearing oven mitts at the local Target. No one took pictures of him

Suri wears lipstick. All this unnecessary drama about Suri trying to be a tween at the age of 4. Seriously? Did we as moms forget what it was like to be a kid? You always want to do what Mommy does, and that includes wearing a little lipstick. It's not like she had her colors done at the Estée Lauder counter. It's. Just. Lipstick. And let's be honest: It was a respectable pouty pink. It's just another manifestation of playing dress-up. Let it be, ladies. Let it be!

Suri wears high heels. So? She also wears tennis shoes, and sandals, and Mary Janes and sometimes socks. Also, see above (the bunny slippers). She's just a little girl who wants to play dress-up. And she's also a rich little girl with uber-stars for parents. So she doesn't get the plastic slip-on princess shoes that we all got when we wanted to play dress-up. She gets the real deal. Again: So what?

Since her life is filled with paparazzi, press and misguided attention from strangers, can't we allow her a little bit of childhood? I fear for Suri during her upcoming awkward teenage years. All the attention is going to make those first dates, breakouts and bad fashion choices that much more difficult. Take it one step further, and she could become the next Lindsay Lohan with all the pressure placed upon her. It's the only life she's known. 

Really, people, let's drop our obsession with this poor kid -- because when you take away the Tom and Katie from this equation, she's just a normal 4-year-old.

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Beth May 6, 2010, 12:21 PM

And yet, ironically, you just penned an article about her, with a picture. It’s her parents responsiblity to keep her out of the media eye. I think it’s a bit melodramatic and plays into the proliferation of the the media frenzy to say you “fear” for her. It’s the masses of people who are so consumed with the daily lives of celebrities that we should have concern for. And even that I don’t waste too much time on. My own family is my focus.

Danielle May 7, 2010, 6:36 AM

Conclusion: She’s a CUTE kid!! Lady who wrote the article is jealous! Come on every parent things their own kid is “cute” but not everyone thinks other kids are cute. Suri is definately one beautiful little girl. Doesn’t change by age, we all love beautiful and sweet people like darling Suri ^_^ well most of us anyways!

Chrissy May 7, 2010, 6:50 AM

Um, who’s obessed?

kirsen paige May 8, 2010, 5:56 PM

You and I might not be obsessed. I think the writer is talking about the fact that this child is on tabloid covers at least once a month. I agree with some parts of these comments. But I also agree with the writer. It’s sad. Also, how do you propose her parents keep her out of the media? The paparazzi are waiting outside of their front door 24 hours a day. Are they supposed to lock her in the house?

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