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Hollywood Mommies Who Do Yoga and Pilates

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Hot Hollywood mamas know the secret to maintaining their svelte physiques before, during and after baby with yoga and Pilates. Want to know who is doing what?

gwyneth paltrow and jennifer garner

What workouts are celeb moms really doing? CelebrityBabyScoop caught up with some of our favorite celebs (in their sneakers!) and uncovered the A-list fans of yoga and Pilates. But these workouts aren't just reserved for the rich and famous ....

Gwyneth Paltrow is a known yoga devotee, and has said that it changed her life. According to Paltrow, yoga practice helped her keep away from sugary processed foods and also relieved her stress. Gisele B√ľndchen credits yoga and meditation for the allegedly pain-free delivery of her first baby. (Pain-free delivery? Where do we sign up?)

Pilates has an almost cult-like following amongst celebs who love that long, lean look. Jennifer Garner, for example, wakes up at 6 AM for her daily Pilates fix. (She says it gives her a boost of energy.) Brooke Burke has been doing Pilates for eight years! She says that the exercises strengthened her back and helped her have an easier delivery.

For the complete list of stars devoted to doing Downward-Facing Dog and core work, check out CelebrityBabyScoop for the skinny.

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