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WTF?! 10 Toys Accused of Foul Language

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While most parents are vigilantly making sure that their kids don't use obscene language, there's a whole other group of concerned moms and dads who insist that the toys are the ones with the foul mouths. Are they right?

WTF?! 10 Toys Accused of Foul Language

Three Dirty Pigs

Last week a couple in Washington, claimed that a Shrek promotional toy from McDonald'staught their two-year-old son Tyler to say a that is slang for the female anatomy.

McDonalds addressed the issue in a written statement:
"We take seriously our responsibility of offering fun, safe toys to families. The toy says the following phrases in random order in a German accent: Yaaaa! Hyaaa! Ohhh! He hoofed! He poofed!"


Singin' and Swearing Hannah Montana

Miley Cyrus -- well, the doll version of the Hannah Montana star has a foul mouth according to a Florida mom.Randy Westberry is convinced that the doll belts out the lyric, "... later we'll have some f**king pie," instead of the much nicer: pumpkin pie.


Policeman with a Potty Mouth

Dad Philip Morton said he bought his son a police officer set that dropped the F-word when his son pulled out the toy nightstick from the utility belt. The recorded voice, according to the toy's manufacturer, TekNek Toys International was supposed to say "stop." "I've had to explain to parents why my son is saying the f-word; it's horrible." The company refunded Morton's money but denied the toy used an offensive word.


Little Mermaid a Little Foul

It's supposed to say sweet things to little girls like, "You're a wonderful friend," but push its button the wrong way and the Little Mermaid Shimmering Lights Ariel doll may say something else -- "You're a slut," according to a California mother.


They Don't Call 'Em Bratz for Nothing

Back in 2006, Instead of hearing the words "So cute," some parentthoughttheBratz Babyz doll Yasmine was saying something not-so-cute, Namely the f-word.


Uh Oh! Teletubby Talks Trash

A doll based on a character from a popular children's television show upset parents when it seemed to say'Bite my butt," and the word the derogatory, "faggot"
The reason for the misinterpretation, claimed the manufacturer of the doll, was because Po was voiced by a Cantonese woman with a thick accent.


Elmo Has Anger Issues

Melissa Bowman of Florida claimed that her two-year-old son James's Elmo Knows Your Name doll kept repeating the phrase "Kill James." The doll can be programmed with new names and certain phrases via PC. The toy's manufacturer, Fisher-Price, offered to replace the doll.


Somethings Fishy About Hate-Spewing Fish

Wal-Mart yanked a baby-crib accessory from its shelves after parents all across the country complained it disseminates a subliminal message of hate. Said one parent, ""The voice has a softness to it. It sounds hypnotizing. ... I think it's creepy."


Udderly Shocking Language

A shocked British mum blasted a musical toy cow which seems to sing the word 'sex' as part of its jingle. It came as an udder shock to Jodie Cairns, 20, when she unwrapped Moosical Beads and it appeared to sing "learning colors and sex, yippee".

Caterpillar Teaches ABC's and F-Words

A toy designed to teach kids the alphabet was accused of teaching the F-word instead.
One concerned grandparent claimed if you press the 'F' and 'J' keys simultaneously on a Leapfrog Alphabet Pal Caterpillar, it'll spew out some foul language. Momlogic decided to test this one our ourselves.

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kk June 28, 2010, 8:26 PM

The caterpillar video was hilarious! Thanks for the laugh! :)

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