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A To-Do List for Parents of Kids With Special Needs

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By Ellen S.:

1) Figure out way to get a billion more therapy sessions for child. Preferably for free.

Post-Its on glass

2) Get relatives, neighbors, mailman, etc. to help with caregiving.

3) Get child onto cover of Toys"R"Us Toy Guide for Differently Abled Kids, and/or People magazine.

4) Invent blast-off foot braces/flying wheelchair/drool-proof shirts/magic wand you can wave over people that'll make them quit staring.

5) Stop comparing child to other children. 

6) Stop comparing self to other parents. They may have "typical" kids, but I have a smaller [FILL IN THE BLANK] and a bigger [FILL IN THE BLANK].

7) Suggest BYOB IEPs. Teachers and therapists bring the progress reports; I bring the daiquiris! So much more fun!

8) Teach child to quit whining. Or teach child to whine only to spouse.

9) Organize boycott of overpriced toy and equipment catalogs that rip off parents of kids with special needs. Also, tell their mothers.

10) Come up with cooler term than "special needs."

11) Take time for self that doesn't involve a supermarket, doctor's office, Home Depot or the Department of Motor Vehicles.

12) Quit wondering what child will "be like" when he's older and focus on awesome stuff he's doing now (including the excellent cuddling skills).

13) Invite Michelle Obama to guest-post -- way to raise awareness! Maybe President, too! Or Justin Bieber? The pope??

14) Check to see that my sanity is still intact. It was the last time I looked, but you never know.

15) Breathe. 

(Adapted from a post that originally appeared on the blog Love That Max.)

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