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Best Gadget Gifts for Father's Day

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Our favorite gifts for the tech-loving dad in your life!

Best Gadget Gifts for Father's Day

Kodak Playsport

It's an HD video camera -- and it's waterproof!! Dad will get good use out of this gift this summer.


Scosche flipSYNC simplifies

Attaches to your keychain and conveniently charges and syncs your MP3, smart phone, cell phone, digital camera, gaming device and much more.


iConnect Media Keyboard

A keyboard for iPhone, and iPod that will easily transfer music, photos, videos, applications and more with iTunes.


FLO TV- Personal Television - Black/Silver

What dad wouldn't want his own personal television?! With built-in speakers and a built-in adjustable stand,Dad will be able to watch all his TV shows wherever he goes.

let you watch TV shows you love wherever you are


Solar Bluetooth Car Speaker

Help Dad stay true to his "Hands Free" pledge with this bluetooth car kit, featuring a large screen display with incoming caller ID.

3D Sound Speakers

By clipping on this portable laptop speaker, dad will be able to bring 3D home theater sound with him anywhere he goes!


Apollo 95-pc. Mechanics Tool Kit

Dad will have the right tool for any job with this Apollo Automotive Repair Tool.


USB Flash Drive Cufflinks

The ultimate gift for the fashionable and gadget-loving dad! These USB cufflinks allow him to carry important documents, photographs, and more anywhere he goes.


Jatoba Wood Slim External DVD Writer Enclosure

Keep Dad's desktop from looking like a metal and LED junkyard. This handmade Solid Wood Hard Drive/DVD Writer includes 500GB to store.



It's the newest portable camcorder from Flip! This SlideHD camera shoots and records up to 4 hours in stunning HD and holds up to 12 hours of videosand snapshots.


Harley Davidson Portable Speaker Case for iPhone or iPod

This Harley Davidson Portable Speaker Case for iPhone or iPod is a great way for Dad to listen to music outloud while its charging.


Card Speaker

The Card Speaker puts most every mp3 accessory to shame with its good looks and crisp fidelity.


Logitech Harmony 1100 Universal Remote with Color Touch Screen

The man in your life will love having control like this! The Harmony 1100 is a universal remote with powerful touch screen and customizable buttons, allowing him to access all electronics in the house.


The Sharper Image 13-Piece Personal Groomer Kit

Business meeting, wedding or training for an upcoming Triathlon - Dad willhave what he needs to look his best with this 13-Piece Personal Groomer from The Sharper Image.


Black and Decker BullsEye Auto-Leveling Laser with Stud Sensor

Dad will feel like the man of the house with this auto-leveling laser and stud sensor kit. And, at around $50 it's completely affordable.

Apple iPad

Of course we have to have Apple's new iPad on the list! If he's a gadget lover, he probably already has it, but if not -- the whole family will want to pitch in and run to the Apple Store now!


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nutmac June 1, 2010, 5:20 PM

Aside from iPad, I (father of 18-month) don’t want any of these. Let’s just go out to dinner of our choice, please.

Desiree Cochron September 7, 2010, 11:29 PM

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