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Boys in Beauty Pageants ... OK or No Way?

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We're obsessed with little Zander on "Toddlers & Tiaras" -- he's the boy who calls himself a "pageant diva."


Check out video of him here.

He's 5 years old and has been in 60 pageants. He's been doing them since he was a little baby. He says, "I don't like to lose, because my mom might be sad."

Mom Tracy says, "My 5-year-old son, Zander, is a pageant king. A lot of people are wondering why boys are in pageants. They think he's going to be on the wrong side of the fence. I'm so not concerned ... OK, so I am a little concerned. We have had people back out of pageants because Zander is in them. They put out thousands of dollars for their dresses and hours for makeup and hair, and here comes this little 4-year-old boy and takes their title."

Last year, we blogged about this kid:

"Gay Uncle" Brett Berk wrote, "Sadly, when I watched the clip of this kid, he was a butchy blond brat, all decked out in the world's tiniest tuxedo and being instructed by his stage mother in how to flirt with the female judges. ('Point at the ladies and say, "You're so pretty!"') Boring! Not to mention the fact that in the same allegedly glorifying clip, the little hellion was shown responding to his mommy's instructions by having a knock-down, lying-on-the-floor, kicking-and-screaming tantrum."

What do you think about boys in beauty pageants -- OK, or no way?

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