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Defying Gravity: Reconstituted Cervix

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Jane from L.A.: Now that Dr. B. (my genius perinatologist) has examined me, I can give a little update.


Yesterday, my mom came to visit, armed with an iPhone full of show tunes -- and I decided to call my journey "Defying Gravity" after my most favorite tune from the "Wicked" and "Glee" soundtracks. I think it sums it all up pretty well -- because that's exactly what I'm doing.

Anyhoo, Dr. B. came today, and after an ultrasound, declared that I have a reconstituted cervix -- meaning that it's closed and long and exactly what it should look like. I'm out of the 24-hour woods, and now I have the rest of my pregnancy to go. Piece of cake ... not.

So here I am. Still in the hospital. Still on antibiotics (no sign of infection). If all goes as planned, I'll be home in the next day or two. It will be a lot better than lying in this room. Dr. B. said he can't promise me that the cerclage will work or that my water won't break, but he said I have a pretty good shot. Preeetty, preeeetty good. As good as I could hope for in my situation. He said, "Try to let go." Ha. "One day at a time." Again -- ha!

He said to think of it as an important life lesson, something to overcome and learn from. I snorted and said I thought I'd learned and overcome enough with Willa's birth at 33 weeks. And he told me to picture a video game (Joe liked that): "Willa was level one. This is level two ... OK, maybe four." Nice, right?

So there you have it. Competent cervix. Defying gravity. All that good stuff. Think good thoughts. I'm trying to.


* "Notes from Bedrest" is a new column that features e-mails from a mom who recently experienced bedrest. We are posting her e-mails chronologically in the order she wrote them.

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Samantha  June 19, 2010, 6:42 AM

an important life lesson? what kind of lesson are you supposed to be learning? is he implying that this was your fault?

tracy cota June 19, 2010, 11:03 PM

Good luck to you through all this. Glad your mom is there to help you.

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