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Father's Day Gift Guide for Deadbeat Dads

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Momlogic's Momstrosity: It's that time of year again, and we moms are scratching our heads trying to find the perfect Father's Day gift. All over the Internet, you can find gift guides for every type of pop: sporty, geeky and griller. But what about the dads who have skirted all their financial and emotional obligations to their offspring? Hey, don't they deserve something, too?! I think so. Check out some gifts that are perfect for d-bag, deadbeat dads.

Father's Day Gift Guide for Deadbeat Dads

It's the Economy, Stupid

Why hasn't been able to make his child support payments maybe it's because he's A) A no good lazy bastard, or B) He has trouble managing his fiances. Or both! "Personal Finances for Dummies" is a great gift... and it that doesn't work, send him a copy of "Getting Your Wages Garnished for Dummies."

Cost: $15.00

World's Greatest Loser

Deadbeat dads might not be paying up but there are plenty of entrepreneurs willing to cash in on their pathetic parenting. Zazzle features an entire page just for deadbeat dads including mugs, t-shirts and even ties. Perfect for court appearances!

Cost: $25 - $55

Snip! Snip!

So he'll never ever be able to disappoint any other children-- give him the gift that keeps on giving... or more accurately, STOPS giving. A gift certificate for a vasectomy is pricey but worth every penny.

Cost: $350-$1000

Keep Your Enemies Close...Keep Your Ex Closer

This one is fun! A GPS isn't the kind of gift you want to tell Dad about... nah, just surprise him! Tracking devises are so small they easily be hidden in cars and clothing.

He'll figure it out when he tries to cross state lines and is served in his seedy motel room by YOU! Happy Father's Day indeed.

Cost: $200 and up

Well Deserved Zilch

What do you get for the guy who once had everything and now has nothing? NOTHING.

Cost: Free

A Good Look at Himself

Facing up to ones 'dad failings' can be painful.Whether he refuses to spend time with the kids or doesn't follow through on his child-support, he needs give himself a good hard look in the mirror.What do you see? WE see a dude who needs to 'man up."

Cost: $6.99

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Leah O. Wooten March 31, 2011, 3:25 AM

Very helpful

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