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Former 'Biggest Loser' Contestant Says Show is Dangerous

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Kai Hibbard, a contestant on season three of "The Biggest Loser," told "The Early Show" that "The Biggest Loser" perpetuates myths that hurt people.

Kai lost 118 pounds on the show and gained more than 70 of it back.

She claims:

- contestants on the show were pressured to exercise even when severely injured
- she was pressured to diet by dehydration
- she was encouraged to ignore the advice of nutritionists and listen to the show's trainers
- that "a week" on the show was often longer than a week: "A week is not a week on TV. ... I'm saying that it would be most times longer than a week," she says.

She says she left the show with a very poor mental body image. Once she got home, she considered coffee a meal. Her hair was falling out. Her family even staged an intervention.

Do you believe it?

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