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9 Yearbooks Most Likely to Stir Controversy

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Yearbooks do more than bring back memories of the school year. Some get students and school officials in plenty of hot water!

9 Yearbooks Most Likely To Stir Controversy

Most Likely to Have a Deep Dark Secret

Sex, drugs and censorship -- that's what Massaponax High School's yearbook staff got when it asked students for anonymous confessions. The teenage disclosures ultimately published in the yearbook, titled "Glances 2010, Truth Be Told," were a little too honest for principal Joe Rodkey's taste. He's deemed it "totally inappropriate," stopped distribution and ordered a reprint at a cost of 25,000o.

Source: SPLC

Most Likely to Kill

The husband of a New Hampshire woman who was killed in a home invasion says he's disappointed school officials allowed photos of 2 men charged in the case to appear in their high school yearbook. School officials said William Marks and Quinn Glover, who were charged in the slaying are still considered students and are receiving educational services while in jail.

Source: wcax

Most Likely to be a Fake

When students of at Midland Valley High School yearbook opened their yearbook they saw the usual ads sponsoring their year end memory book. The advertisements, however turned out to be faked and the ad copy spelled out hidden messages threatening to burn down the school.
Upset over the fake ads and hidden messages like "Buy Umbrella's Right Now! So Come and Hurry. Order On-Line!" Take the first letter of every word and you get "burn school".

Source: wrdw

Most Likely To Be a Teenager

The yearbook at Texas Pflugerville High School could get an "A" for realism but that didn't stop parents from being ticked off by pages that included a poll about how students feel about sex, nicknames for illegal drugs and a story of a teen couple's pregnancy complete with sonogram picture. The school stood by their decision to print the controversial contents saying in a statement, the "publication written by students for students and reflects the issues and trends."


Most Likey to Idiolize Sharon Stone

A Sickles High School Yearbook Photo made news after a 16-year-olddidn't wear underwear to school the day the photos were taken because she didn't want panty lines showing up in her yearbook photos. However, the end result of going commando has meant an eyeful for thousands who have copies of the Sickles High School yearbook.

Source: Inquisitr

Most Likely to Be Well-Dressed

Lesbian high school student, Veronica Rodriguez, was exclude from her high school yearbook because she insisted on posing for her picture wearing tuxedo.Rodriguez enlisted the help of the American Civil Liberties Union after officials but of the Mississippi school stood by their decision.

Source: CBC News

Most Likely to Be a Country Star

School administrators and parents were upset by the title of a Texas high school's yearbook. Plainview High's "Time Well Wasted," was apparently taken from a song by country music singer Brad Paisley was deemed a negative spin on the entire school year.The cover artwork also included a melting digital clock inspired by surrealist painter Salvador Dali. The school's yearbook sponsor eventually resigned.

Source: KLTV

Most LIkely to Drop the F-Bomb

After receiving their yearbooks, high school students in Ohio discovered a hidden obscenity that was not caught by school administrators. Hidden on the cover of the Shaker Heights High School yearbook is a scribble in the artwork that when turned upside reveals the words: F**k Y'all

Source: inquisitr

Most Likely To Be Silly

A James Madison High School student is being punished for making a funny face in her school photo. As a result, school officials have decided not to print her picture in the yearbook.

15-year-old Charlie Patton says she made a weird face because she was trying to make people smile.

Source: KENS5

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