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Is This What Happened to Kyron Horman?

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Guest blogger Chloe: Yesterday, my husband was about ten minutes early picking up my 6-year-old daughter from school ... and saw her walking down the street outside the school by herself!

Little girl walking by herself

She said she had gone to the lost and found to find her lunchbox and then couldn't find where her class went. (They were on the playground.) So she decided to walk out of the school and down the sidewalk (bordering a busy street) all by herself to see if her class had been dismissed.

This scared the hell out of us -- that a kid (OUR kid!) could just walk off campus without anyone knowing. How easy would it have been for someone to just scoop her up and pull her in their car ... with no witnesses?!

We told our daughter about Kyron Horman, the Portland, Ore., boy who's been missing for almost two weeks, ever since his elementary school science fair. We told her how he went missing from school, too -- and how you can NEVER leave school grounds unattended. If you get lost at school or separated from your class, we told her, just go to the principal's office and they will help you.

This was a major wake-up call. We'd always thought our school was safe -- and that our daughter would never leave school grounds.

Turns out we were wrong on both counts.

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Beka June 17, 2010, 4:22 PM

That is so scary! My daughter is starting school in the fall, so we definitely need to have several of those conversations between now and then! Thank goodness nothing bad happened to your daughter (other than a bit of fright)!

Janelle June 17, 2010, 4:59 PM

I’m so glad she’s safe. What a scare. I think the schools (ok, our school) is a little too secure in their ID check-in. I’ve never worn a tag, they always wave me through. I can see the situation with your daughter happening so easily to any child. I’ve noticed on days of events, such as with Kyron, there are not many boundaries in place and scattered supervision.

Ugh…let me just say again I’m glad she’s safe. I have a chill running through me. Blessings to your family!

protectivemama June 17, 2010, 8:30 PM

Schools ARE safe, and child abductions are VERY rare (we hear about them on the news they are so rare), especially abductions by strangers - your child is 200 times more likely to die from a sudden heart attack, but parents don’t go around freaking out about that possibility, checking the child’s pulse, etc. There ARE things to educate your child about - running in the street, etc. and what to do if they get lost (almost every single child who gets lost is perfectly fine - the “strangers” they come across help them find their parents - we DON’T want our children to fear talking to strangers). Abductions are so scary that we lose sight of reason and logic when even thinking about them! A great book to read and recommend is called Protecting the Gift - it’s by Gavin deBecker, and helps parents keep kids safe without frightening them unnecessarily, and while letting them have a childhood that includes some independence and freedom.

unknown mom June 18, 2010, 4:40 AM

I am amazed that kids are just able to walk out of school and down the street unnoticed. I am happy to say that my kids schools are very protective of the kids. My daughter’s former elementary principal moved to a new school. We recently moved to a new town and low and behold the principal was the former principal of my daughter’s former elementary. I was thrilled with this. Let me tell you why. My kids schools have great security, I used to think it was a bit annoying but I understand why they are so protective of the kids and I am honestly very greatful that they are like this. When you walk in to my son’s elementary school, you have to be buzzed in by the secretary who can see you on the security camera. Once you are inside you must report to the office. You can’t just go into the school without stopping at the office. They will not let you pass the office. Once in the office you have to sign in on a computer that takes your picture and prints it on a nametag. Only then can you walk down the hallway of the school. (and yes this is a public school in the state of Kentucky)They have your picture in the system before you can even get in. On days that special events occure like the science fair in Kyron’s case, they have a table set up in the entry way where you have to sign in and show identification. Only then will they let you in. You also have to sign out when you leave. You must have identification and you have to know your kid’s teacher and put down your child’s name on the sign in sheet. My son’s school frequently has “parent’s night out” where for a small fee you can drop off your kids for a few hours and the kids get to watch movies in their pj’s and munch on popcorn. The kids love this. When you go to pick them up you must have proper identification and you must show it to them to pick up your kid. You then have to sign the child out. They check EVERYONE, even if they know you well, like the principal knows me. Even though he can call me by name and would even know my name if I ran into him at a store, he will still check my id before I can pick up my son. My daughter’s middle school operates in the same way as the elementary. Identification is necessary. The bus drivers are even on the alert. They will not let a kid get on the bus if they are not supposed to be on that bus without a written note from the parent that was approved by the principal. The kids also can not get off the bus at the wrong bus stop either. A friend of mine has kids on the same bus route as my son just one stop away from ours, the kids can’t get off at my house without a note from their mom once again approved by the principal even though they get off at the next stop (a few feet down the road)regularly. My daughter’s middle school is run the exact same way. On field trip days they insure that there is one adult per every 3 kids. Yes most of the adults are parent volunteers, and each parent that is on the field trip MUST have a criminal background check on file before they can go. Each child is assigned to a parent and it is recorded who has which child. I don’t understand why more schools are not operating like this. I feel that once my child is in the hands of the bus driver, or school property, they are the responsibality of the school and the school should take the time to insure the kids are safe. Also something that stuck out in my mind, if my child is absent from school and I have not informed them that they will be absent, I get a phone call within 30 minutes of school starting to find out why my child is not there. This procedure had it been implicated in the Kyron case would have made it where his disapperance would have been noticed immediatly, not at the end of the school day. The chances of finding him would have been alot better. I think public schools need to re-evaluate their security and make school a safe place for our kids. To all the schools out there, I know the budget has been cut etc. but we need to spend just a little extra to have these kids safe. My kid’s schools are not perfect, believe me, but at least they are taking steps to insure us as parents that they are safe once they are at school. If anyone would like more information on how my kids schools keep kids safe, so that you can present this to your school feel free to email me at I will give you the information of our school district. Lets keep our kids safe America.

guest June 18, 2010, 7:55 AM

It is more likely that Kaine has custody over Kyron because he can manage Kyron’s personality better. Kyron has been described as dreamy by his grandmother. It was posted that two teachers saw Kyron leaving with his step mom and that cell phone records place her on an island which doesn’t match her story. It is very likely that Kyron was excited about his project and did not want to go back to school. Hypothetically, could it be that the step mom took him to the car for a time out and hurt him accidently but realized he could not go back to school or back home for Kaine to see. Then driving she did something with him and tried to create an alibi. They called the search off early and only went 1/2 mile out in the first week and have not issued an amber alert.

Margaret June 20, 2010, 12:33 PM

When my son was in elementary school he was having a behavioral episode (he has ADHD and Absant Siezures) and walked off campus. I was on the phone with the vice principal (rushing out of my office) when this happened and I told her to go grab him. She stated she can’t restrain children- even after i advised her to! I had to tell her that if she has to put her hands on him to get him back on school grounds I won’t sue. but if he gets hit or kidnapped I will sue the hell out of the school! It was an eye opening and scary experience that led to a similar conversation with my son. I just never thought that would be ann issue I would have to deal with as I felt he was safe on school grounds. We live as we learn when we have kids! Glad you girl is safe!

TwWhittaker June 28, 2010, 5:34 PM

The good news is that those sudden abductions are extremely rare. People overestimate deaths from tornado’s as apposed to things like the flu, because they are rare and we hear about them when they happen and they are very sensational.

The same applies to child abductions and murders: very few people would even hear a distant story of such an event were it not for the media.

Nonetheless, I’m glad you are all safe, and even bad reasons to be scared are good news if they make you stop and appreciate your family.

Ashley July 2, 2010, 1:37 PM

Once when I was in kindergarten my mom dropped me off at school on a day that there was no school for kindergartners. When I figured it out, I left the school and walked all the way home without anyone knowing. My mom was obviously very upset when I got home and knocked on the door and told her what happened. Looking back, I don’t know why I didn’t go to the office and tell the secretary so my mom could come get me. I don’t know if I thought I was going to be in trouble for being in the school when I wasn’t supposed to be. I don’t know. Kyron’s case reminded me of this story.

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