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Is Your Lawnmower Hazardous to Your Kid's Health?

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The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that about 37,000 kids and adults go to the emergency room every year because of some sort of lawnmower accident, reports "Good Morning America."

Riding lawnmowers that mow in reverse are the biggest dangers to kids.

Darren Malone, who lost his son, Shane, in a lawnmower accident, is lobbying for safer lawnmowers.

Here are some lawnmower safety tips:

  • NEVER mow in reverse.
  • Don't mow when kids are around. Make sure they are inside and supervised by an adult when you are mowing.
  • Never enlist a child to be your lawn "helper."
  • Never allow your kids to ride on a lawnmower with you.
  • Don't buy kids lawnmower toys -- they send the wrong message. Lawnmowers are NOT toys!

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Matt June 24, 2010, 8:34 PM

Do you really need an article to tell you that running a child over with a lawnmower is dangerous? If so, you should probably not be out in public unsupervised. As for the lawnmower toys, how about you don’t tell me how to parent my children and I won’t tell you how to parent yours.

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