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Kyron Horman: Why Haven't the Parents Spoken Out?

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We can't stop thinking about missing second grader Kyron Horman. He's been missing for seven days. But why haven't his parents spoken out yet?

Kyron's parents have not gone on camera to make a public plea for their son. C. W. Jensen, a retired Portland, Ore., police detective, said that's not unheard of -- but it's not the norm, either. "Generally, parents in cases like this are incredibly distraught," he told KATU. "They're almost just dysfunctional."

Kyron's stepmom has gotten criticism for posting trivial messages on Facebook (such as, "Hitting the gym tomorrow") since her stepson has gone missing. She didn't change her profile pic to one of Kyron for six whole days -- even though her husband and countless friends and concerned strangers all did.

Jensen said that the stepmom's Facebook activity -- especially the stuff about "hitting the gym" -- is unusual. "What I know from being an investigator and dealing with parents in tragic situations like this -- homicides, kidnappings, stuff like that -- they just really couldn't much function other than to sit and wait for us to call," he told KATU.

What's wrong with this picture?

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Concerned June 20, 2010, 8:46 PM

I have been following this case closely since it happened. I think it bothers me so much because I have a son the same age, and I know how sweet and naive children are at this age. Here is what I think happened and why I think it:

1. Kyron had ADHD, and Step-Mom was dreading the school year ending and having him around 24/7. (dr. Appt, and teacher had to fill out paperwork. Usually done so child can receive meds.)
2. Step mom had a little bit of post partum and was feeling fat/ugly/undesirable after having the baby. Hubby wasn’t paying as much attention to her, so she sent older son to live with his dad, but biomom couldn’t take Kyron for health reasons. (stepmom was a weightlifter before, and she had to stop after becoming preg with daughter.)
3. Stepmom helped the kyron with his project, but he acted up and wouldn’t cooperate with her, and that was the final straw. She began planning how to get rid of him, but needed an alabi, so she took him to school and made sure she got a pic of him with the project to put on fb, and she made sure a couple of adults saw her, but she told the teacher he had a dr appt. (the pic of his project looks like an adult did it, and she told the teacher about the dr a ppt in a crowded room where it was hard to hear.
4.she did something to Kyron, then hid his body, ran home, cleaned up, picked up the baby, posted things on fb, and waited for bus time to call. (pings on cell phone from strange area, baby at babysitter, white truck seen in weird area.)
5. Something about the book her grandpa wrote about a red squirrel holds clues, but I haven’t figured out what they are. Does anyone else know about the book? I know her nickname is red squirrel. I’m still trying to put the rest together. Does anyone else have theories?

David Benston June 24, 2010, 3:09 PM

You people are evil vultures who should have your tubes forcibly tied to prevent you from breeding further. What kind of “mom” would so carelessly accuse another mother of such a horrible crime? Clearly, as a father, I couldn’t possibly understand the depths of your motherly wisdom.

FYI: Police ALWAYS focus on family members first. You obviously watch enough TV to know that.

Cheri June 25, 2010, 11:23 PM

I think that book the granfather R neil Horman wrote. does show some clues. in it one of the kids says dont get lost to another. in the woods of washington. very odd. maybe this book could be the answer to the case. its only my opinion.the LE should check out the realtives and their property. no stones unturned. it wouldnt hurt anything to check the theory out.

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