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Mom Posts Pic of Her Baby with Bong on Facebook

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A 19-year-old mother from Keystone Heights, Florida, posted a photo of her baby with a BONG on Facebook. Um, was she high?!

baby with a bong

"If u look at the picture u can see that there is no bowl in the TABACCO (sic) pipe. And i took a pic to show one (expletive) person and it was a mistake. I would never ever ever let him get high," she told Channel 4 via Facebook.

In another Facebook posting, she wrote, "Do you realize how serious this is? i can go to jail and he can be taken away from me. WHY would you do something so (expletive) stupid? i know what i did was stupid but i would NEVER put by baby in harm. im (sic) so nice to everyone idk (I don't know) why you would do this to me."

The Florida Department of Children and Families is investigating, and is now drug-testing both the mother and the baby.

Who thinks this mom should have her baby taken away? Harmless photo ... or serious endangerment?

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Anonymous July 27, 2010, 12:54 PM

Okay just because she is 19 doesn’t mean that every 19 year old mother is a bad mother for what they allow their babies to do. I am one of them. Now I would never have anything like that in my household so I do think it is wrong on her part. Babies will put stuff in their mouth constantly for that is what they do when they are teething. I have a 10 month old son and he still does it. For those discriminating on how old someone is to be a mother, it takes a mature person to be a parent. Obviously she isn’t one of them. But think next time you want to hate on young mothers and think of how some of them are responsible and others are not.

natedogg July 28, 2010, 4:01 PM

who cares weed is harmless.

Rosie July 28, 2010, 5:54 PM

I’m sorry but I am blown away by you self-righteous mothers and your free thrown opinions on this. Just imagine for one second that you’re 19, naive and immature, and made one stupid mistake. Now people are threatening to take your child away. There is absolutely not one shred of proof that this child is in any more danger than the one who inhales second hand smoke from a cigarette. There is currently NO proof of marijuana, no proof of any abuse whatsoever, but seriously you selfish broads are really going to sit here and throw out your judgements as if its your right to judge this girl and her baby. May God help all of you! I have two babies, I have photos of them sucking on an unopened bottle of liquor (which has similar effects to marijuana by the way) does it mean they’ve ever tasted alcohol or are being abused? Of course not! And if I was 19 and made a stupid mistake do I deserve to have my child robbed from me? I had a child at 19 and I loved her so much I would weep at the thought of children in the world who are abused, I worried for her safety, I watched over her carefully, I loved her with every part of me. Having a child was like having a part of my heart walking outside of my body. But 19 year olds are immature and do stupid things sometime, and I could have seen myself making a similar stupid mistake and if someone had said the horrible things that you horrible mothers are saying about this woman and threatening to take my baby away, my life and breath, I would be having a heart attack! Shame on every last one of you! How dare you get so vocally involved in something that is none of your business! How do you know if she is a good mother or not? I agree that the case should be investigated, in the small chance that the mother was stupid enough to actually let the baby smoke marijuana, which I hugely doubt, it should be tested. But the things you women are saying about her not deserving her child and being a horrible mother, why don’t you go poke your head in your holy Bible and find the passage where Jesus asks the people to cast the first stone at the adulterous woman. You sound so concerned and like you’re such better parents, and you sit here judging a teenager in her parenting because of an untasteful photo she took. Go get a life!! Go get involved in helping children who really are abused, neglected, starving or whatever. I have been to foreign countries and done charity work with children who really are abused and in need, and to see how many of you are wasting your time condemning some woman to the torture of living her life without her child because of one immature mistake, just sickens me. Concern yourself with people who really do need your help, let the investigators do their job, scold the mother for a foolish mistake, and if the child is not in danger (which I seriously doubt, you overreacting self-righteous snobs) then leave her to learn her lesson and make the right choice next time. You people sicken me more than the photo, I hope YOU learn your lesson before you go so cruelly laying judgement on someone else’s life. Being mothers you should know better.

C July 28, 2010, 6:58 PM

I agree that the picture is wrong, and yes I do believe she should be punished (wether taking the kid or not is part of that, maybe removing the child to another family member for the time being), but something caught my eye in these post. Allison “19 year old mother says it all”..?? I myself was a mother at 18 and left my daughters father…that by no means put you in place to be a bad parent! I never did anything like that…Do you believe every teen parent is this way? Are you serious lady? and Tony, wtf? Your kinda creepy if you ask me! Either way this is a bad situation…this chick needs to be punished or put in her place.

Heather July 28, 2010, 7:51 PM

I mean this is not worth all this, if her baby tests positive then thats a different story but I have to say that people take some things too seriously. Yes almost everyone at some time had a picture holding daddies beer can, did anyone notice the flat iron the baby is sitting on, that may be more dangerous , but still come on people.

Sherri July 29, 2010, 3:03 PM

I think everyone who is judging this girl in a negative way is wrong. We DON’T know if its her bong. We DON’T know if the picture was taken at her house. We DON’T know if she even gets high. We DON’T know her living conditions and if the baby is in danger or not. We DON’T know if she was peer pressured into taking a picture like this. Like many other people have said, many of us have pictures as a baby making it look like we’re drinking Dads beer, or smoking Grampas cigar. I say give the girl a chance, have someone watch her, send her to counciling, make her get surprise drug tests, have DCF surprise visit her home… But come on?? Take her baby away?? I mean, she’s 19 freakin years old. We all did stupid things at 19.

Lauroli August 2, 2010, 2:28 PM

Has anyone noticed that there is smoke in the “water pipe”? If you break down this picture, it looks to me like Mom took the pull, took the bowl out and gave the baby the smoke-filled tube to take in the smoke. I am a true believer in legalizing marijuana for adults and putting strict restrictions on it for safety sake, but this is abominable. I’m willing to bet my BS degree that the baby will test positive for marijuana. The baby’s brain is still growing and to put in a mind-altering substance is beyond wrong. The mother knew it was beyond wrong and should not be allowed to have this child, until she gets help for her issues and learns to be a responsible parent.

Debbie August 25, 2010, 4:07 PM

I believe someone should look into this! It’s awful someone would even think something like this was cute! If your nineteen and old enough to have a baby then you should know this is wrong! Poor grandparents are ending up with thier grandkids left and right, whats went wrong! Is partying more important than a child! Watch all the child cases, some look innocent then the child ends up dead! Well, if your old enough to have one then learn how to take care of the child! What person in thier right mind would post a picture of a child with a bong, which means there must be drugs in the house! It’s awful, please young people grown up for your children!

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MartinK September 21, 2010, 7:53 AM

Obviously she now realizes it was a mistake to post the picture….Hopefully the child did not injest anything…like bong water…

but the mother does need counceling/parenting classes…what isnt said (and I am sure is the case) is that the mother probably grew up in a drug atmosphere and doesnt realize that it really is a big deal…Im sure there are plenty of you who smoke pot…but would never want your child to do it…she needs to be re-educated….Dont you all remember “knowing it all” at 19? Im sure many of you wish someone stepped in when you were young and gave you a chance to “redeem” yourself!

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