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My Neighbors, the Sex Offenders

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Guest blogger Kourtney: As I was driving up the highway with my 10-year-old daughter the other day, we noticed an "Amber Alert" posted on electronic signs between exits. "Child Abduction," it read. "Black Honda LIC XXX-XXX." My daughter asked me what it meant. 

Taking advantage of a teachable moment, I told her about "Amber," the girl who had been abducted and murdered (for whom the Amber Alert was named). I'd explained the whole "stranger-danger" thing before, but this time I was blunt: "Strangers can do some pretty horrible things," I said.

I explained (again) the importance of not trusting strangers, of never talking to or going off with one and of fighting like hell if one tried to physically force her into a car (or physically force her to do anything). It wasn't an easy conversation, but I would rather that she be scared than unprepared. As parents, we never think our own child could be abducted; it's always something that happens to someone else. But it does happen -- and I can think of nothing worse than some deranged person kidnapping and harming one of my children.

woman infront of computer

When we got home that night, I checked the sex-offender website to see if any lived near us. Chances are, I thought, there'd be one or two. But I was disturbed to find out that there are SEVEN within a one-mile radius -- and two of them are IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD. (As in, one street over in each direction!) 

OK, I realize that these people have to live somewhere. But having them this close is too close -- especially since I live two blocks from an elementary school (which both my kids attend) and from a park (which my kids play in). How are these people allowed to live so near to so many children? Of all the places to choose to live ... they live by a school and a park?! It seems suspicious to me. I can't help but think of a couple of starving wolves pacing around the henhouse, licking their chops.

I called the school's principal and the director of the park and asked them if they were aware of these creeps -- and what they were doing to protect the children from them. Both were aware of them, and also knew their addresses, their names and what they looked like. This made me feel better, but still -- the fact remains that there are these dangerous pervs living way too close for comfort. 

Besides educating my kids about them, what else can I do? I would appreciate some advice. Do any of you have sex offenders living near you? What have you done to protect your kids?

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Anonymous June 21, 2010, 12:00 AM

OK so I was married to a man who is a regisered sex offender, he was on drugs (not sayin it was an excuse) and touched his step daughter she was willing(no sex)and then he realized what he did and told her to tell her mom. Mom called the cops(I was told this from the mom and girl after I was married to him). I have 1 child by him and it was a constant worry about ppl finding out about a HUGE mistsake. I don’t think it would ever happen again but I could not bear to think of the life my child would have(like not having sleep overs-cuse what IF somethin did happen to one of my kids friends it was a big reason as to why I left him but prior to that it was HELL trying to find a place to live and for him to find work. I was scared for him to meet my friends incase someone found out.

Lilly September 11, 2010, 2:47 PM

I nearly had a heart attack when I saw all the sex offenders living in my old neighborhood. I moved away from my hometown to an area with better schools, nicer weather, prettier houses lol etc etc and a few months later a friend sent me a link to familywatchdog (she heard about it on the news and sent it to me since I have kids). I checked out my new neighborhood- there’s only one guy and judging by his age and offense he is one of the “consensual sex offenders” (he is 23 but his case is old and he was charged with having sex with a 16 year old-at the time the case was made he would’ve been 18-it was listed as a non-violent crime) anywho so out of curiousity I checked by old neighborhood and holey-moley! Child predators galore. We’re talking violent sex offenders, a 60 year old charged with molesting a 7 year old and other such things not easily explained. I breathed a sigh of relief I had moved.

Lilly September 11, 2010, 2:49 PM

**Other such offenses not easily explained away**. You can research and find out what people did and sometimes people are just on that list for lack of better judgement; others are sick, sick, sick. My old neighborhood was full of the latter (who, of course, lived near schools). Thankfully, I didn’t recognize any of them.

Rita October 8, 2010, 7:26 PM

“Do any of you have sex offenders living near you?”

You might… I would guess that the REAL offenders (not the ones the cops have busted for dating underaged girls and urinating in public) are pretty good at not getting caught, not being convicted, and are probably not on that registry you’re so interested in.

“What have you done to protect your kids?”

Well, it’s common sense. Watch your kids like a hawk, know where they are at all times, educate them on how to react in every situation, and do whatever it takes to make sure they are never out alone.

Marge Cloutier November 2, 2010, 1:44 PM

I wished to say that it’s awesome to know that someone else also pointed out this as I had trouble finding the same info anywhere else. This was the first place that told me the answer. Thx. My best regards, Marge Cloutier.

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