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Over 60? Quit Having Kids Via IVF!

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Angry Mom: The world's oldest mother has revealed that she is dying -- just 18 months after giving birth at age 70.

Naveen Rajo

Naveen Rajo is now unable to get out of bed; internal bleeding due to the birth and a large cyst on an ovary have left her debilitated.

The same IVF clinic that impregnated Rajo -- the National Fertility Centre in Hisar, India -- is also responsible for impregnating Bhateri Devi. Last month, Devi became the world's oldest woman to give birth to triplets. She's 66. The dad is 73!

You may recall that the woman who held the previous title of World's Oldest Mom -- Spain's Maria Carmen del Bousada, then 66 -- died of cancer just two and a half years after giving birth to twin boys.

IVF clinics: Quit working with women who are over 60! It is not fair to the kids to be born to such elderly parents!

Any 60- or 70-year-old who tries to get pregnant is just being selfish. Sure, you might live to be 100 -- but you might not, and you'll leave your kids orphans!

Even if you do live, how active can a 66-year-old mother of triplets really be? You're cheating your children.

I think that any IVF clinic that impregnates an elderly woman should be shut down. How greedy can you get?! It's shameless!

Do YOU think women over 60 should be allowed to get IVF?

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