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Pregnant Promos, Pretty Little Liars ... It All Adds Up to Family!

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Kate Meyers: You've got to hand it to the ABC Family channel: Its promos offer more out-of-wedlock pregnancies than the NBA. And among teenagers, no less. There was no adolescent pregnancy in last night's premiere of "Pretty Little Liars," but hey, it was only the first episode.

Pretty Little Liars

To me, the show succeeds in glorifying everything I hope my tween and teen daughters can avoid: nasty girls in overly expensive outfits who are way too skinny and act dumber than a bag of hammers.

After the first commercial break (more pregnant teenagers!), my older daughter says, "All the girls on this shows look like dolls, don't you think?" 

Mom: 1. 'Liars': O.

But back to the show. One awful event -- say, a psycho mom sleeping with a cop to get her vapid daughter out of a shoplifting charge -- leads to another. And maybe that's the point ... maybe we're supposed to watch and feel superior because we're not that psycho. (I mean, even I wouldn't sleep with a cop over a misdemeanor!)

I turn to my 12-year-old and ask, "What do you think?

"It's kind of stupid," she says.

"Would you watch it again?" I ask. "Yeah," she says. "It's creepy and I want to know what happens."

'Liars': 1. Mom: 1.

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Lea June 10, 2010, 4:41 AM

ABC Family is the FURTHEST thing from a Family channel. People are just so easily suckered by a name. From the ads alone why on earth would the author allow a TWELVE year old to watch that show? Clearly aimed for a more mature audience - just because something is labeled “family” doesn’t mean as parents we don’t need to use our own common sense

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