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Target Sells Fascist Tee for Kids

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Ronda Kaysen: Whoever runs Target's merchandising department must have skipped his history classes, because until recently, a boys' T-shirt bearing an image of the Fascist Franco flag was on sale in-store and on the website. That flag hasn't flown in Spain since the end of General Francisco Franco's oppressive regime ... in 1975! Whoops!

Target Tee

The red T-shirt had "Spain" written across the top, with the outdated flag beneath. Target spokesman Joshua Thomas issued an apology, saying, "We certainly apologize for any discomfort or offense this shirt may have caused."

Although the shirt isn't a Target brand, it is exclusive to Target stores and has been on sale in about 700 stores and online since late May. The company has since yanked the shirt from the shelves and is offering a full refund to any disgruntled parents who want to return the scandalous threads.

Sheesh! How did this one slip through the cracks?! Someone designed the shirt, and you'd have thought they'd have made sure they had the current flag before they printed umpteen thousand tees.

I guess it's not as bad as the time Walmart got heat for peddling tees that had a Nazi symbol emblazoned across the front. But still, you'd think someone would have noticed at some point along the line.

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