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Throw a Tween Party for Under $40!

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Kate Meyers: My daughter Emmy decided she wanted to have a bunch of girlfriends over for a last hurrah before they all go their separate ways for the summer. I nixed the sleepover idea because I hate them and nothing good happens when a group of girls gets tired and cranky. So I agreed to a 6:30 to 10:30 party. Em gave me a list of food: Twizzlers, Doritos, pizza, lemonade and make-your-own sundaes. I did the shopping.

tween party

Em invited ten girls and told them to come in their pajamas. They gave each other manicures in the basement, listened to music, gabbed, laughed and sang. Each one brought her favorite film and they voted on which one to watch.

After the movie, they came upstairs for sundaes and there was big excitement when the whipped-cream canister fell and I tried to put the top back on. Whipped-cream shower! 

There was much photo documentation (between cell phones and digital cameras, these kids are the most well-documented generation of all time). No one wanted to leave -- which in my opinion is the best way to end a party.

Best movie: "John Tucker Must Die"

Best PJs: Emiko in Batman boxers from Walgreens

Best visual: Nine girls in nightwear chalking my driveway when I drove home with the pizza

Best part: Everyone went home, smiling, to a good night's sleep

Party cost: $36.

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