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You Don't Know Dad

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Do you know what your man really wants for Father's Day? We doubt it.

A few of the momlogic moms in the office were a bit cocky, certain that they knew exactly what their guys wanted for Father's Day. So we put them to the test! One of our staff members secretly e-mailed the hubbies and got their real wishes. Some of these mamas are in for a big surprise -- they are clueless when it comes to dear old dad's F-Day fantasy!

You Don't Know Dad

Ready for some football!

A football season pass to watch the game at a location of my choice. No conflicting brunches or other events could be scheduled during these special hours.

Lawn lush

Get drunk and lay on the grass.

Up in smoke

I would like to wake up, make a huge pot of coffee and hang out by myself. That would be my ideal. Do whatever: play guitar, sing, smoke a cigar in the house. Nothing better than a morning cigar with the coffee and that never happens.

A free gift

Time to do absolutely nothing..

Staff up

I'd like to be only a husband and father for the weekend and my wife would only be a wife and mother. We wouldn't be cooks or dishwashers or drivers or laundry-washers or shoppers.

Call us Brangelina

I guess I'd like real free time: celebrity-with-personal assistants kind of free time. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt free time. That's what I'd like for Father's Day. My mind whirls at the possibilities.

Hats off

Go shopping for a hat. I have a big head and it's hard to find a chapeau that fits.

High-tech, low stress

A good meal, some kid-free time to relax, sex with my wife and a small-but-amusing high tech toy.

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