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Another Pit Bull Attacks!

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Guest blooger Angela:It seems like every week there's another story of a pit bull killing or mauling someone -- and it's usually a kid. Recently, I read about one pit eating off a baby's testicles, and another gnawing off a child's toes. I mean, can you imagine? Domesticated dogs aren't supposed to do this! Well, the list of pit bull-caused injuries has grown again -- and this time, it has hit closer to home.

Pitbull barks

My daughter's friend, Sam, 8, was just viciously attacked by her friend's pit bull. Apparently she was just standing there when this dog suddenly grabbed her, dragged her into the backyard, shook her like a rag doll and fractured her femur. Sam is a slight little girl, too -- teeny for her age. I'm sure the dog weighed more than she does. Honestly, I don't know how she made it out alive. If you could see her, you wouldn't think she'd be able to survive the wind blowing her down.

Anyway, she was taken to the hospital, but no charges were filed against the dog's owners because the two families are good friends. The animal is still there in the house, too. Unbelieveable. If that were my dog, I'd have had it put down immediately, no questions asked. And if it were my kid who'd been hurt, I'd demandit. If you own a pit bull, it's not a question of if it's going to attack, but of when. There are just too many cases to assume otherwise. (Go ahead and Google "pit bull attacks on children" and see how many hits you get.)

I already know what kind of comments this post will get: "It's not the dog, it's the owner"; "Not ALL pit bulls are bad"; "Any dog can attack a child ...." Blah, blah, blah, whatever. I don't recall the last time a LABRADOODLE ate off a baby's testicles, broke an 8-year-old girl's leg or killed someone. Get real! Pit-bull owners are fools if they think their dogs don't have it in them to kill. Even if you think yours is the most gentle and sweetest of pooches, you still cannot ignore the fact that these dogs are bred to be aggressive. It's in their nature to attack.

How many people have to get harmed (or killed) before it's illegal for these dogs to be around children?

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Randi October 27, 2010, 7:36 AM

BSL is a flawed concept from the moment it is conceived. In most cases the dogs are targeted leaving the owner, which is the responsible, rational thinking party, out of it.

Some impose fines along with their laws but are often not enforced to the maximum so the owner gets away with a slap on the wrist.

Dogs are not the problem and BSL does not recognize this. People are the problem and until we find a way to punish people for their neglectful actions which allow dogs to bite and terrorize the public we will never stop the problem.

First problem is, take one breed away, these people will find another breed to replace it.

Since the APBT bans the Rottweiler is now on the rise as the most popular breed.

Now these dogs are taking heat from the general public and the BSL supporters. Again they are restricting the dogs and not the people.

BSL can be compared to gender profiling or racial profiling. Simply because a dog appears to be a dog on the restricted list it is treated as one.

What if you were driving down the road and the police took you to jail, sentenced you, and placed you on death row just for looking like a certain ethnic group? BSL does exactly that to dogs.

So why is it then that more BSL laws are implemented daily? God forbid a person have to take responsibility for their irresponsible actions and BSL supports these people by not placing very harsh punishments on them.

jman November 1, 2010, 1:03 PM

I see a lot of things on here that are completely false, and it amazes me that people can really be this ignorrant. If you feel you need to say something against the pit bull type breeds, than educate yourself thoroughly first. First lesson… Pit bull is not a breed, but rather it’s a generic term often used to describe all dogs with similar traits and characteristics. Much of your beliefs stem from hearsay and news articles, and maybe a few very biased web sites. Those are terrible sources of education, and you wouldn’t educate your children that way, so spare yourselves that grief as well. When you really educate yourselves on these dogs you will find out that media has over-hyped it, banning the breed would make these breeds more appealing to criminals, they are one of the best dogs around children, no dog is born vicious, most stats are biased, and it’s almost always an irresponsible owner. Any dog can attack, and any dog of large proportion will naturally do more damage than a smaller dogs… common logic. The stats for these breeds are over-inflated, and many times when a pit bull is blamed, it’s not verified, but the article prints “Pit Bull Attack” anyway. This naturally makes people think these dogs attack more aggressive or vicious than other breeds, but it’s simply not true. Also, being that pit bulls make up around 10 different breeds, give or take depending on one’s definition, is it right that they roll them together into one breed for statistical purposes? Don’t know about you, but when I took stats, this was called abiased or unrelieable statistic. Now I know that some of you will fire back without knowing the facts, but you are the know-it-alls who I feel sorry for, because you believe things without knowing the facts. Plus, myself and all of the other people that have it right about pit bulls will laugh at your sheer ignorrance. The thing is too, once you start finding out the real truth about these dogs, they may start appealing to you if you love dogs, and you may end up getting one, because some of these pit bull type breeds are the most loyal and smartest breeds out there. I personally think that anyone that has it out for one breed, or a specific breed type has no clue what they are talking about, and they are actually the real threat to society. Let’s just ban cars, guns, bars, resturaunts as well. Beause automobile accidents, criminals, alcohol, and food are responsible for less death and injuries than pit bulls.

jman November 1, 2010, 1:17 PM

No regarding the blog/article. This person has no idea what they are talking about. If you want the facts, ask a professional. I bet this person that wrote this blog has zero experience with the pit bull breeds, therefore has no right in spewing the nonsense she said. Would you let a day trader convince you to purchase a thousand shares of a $300 stock, or would you rather take your business to an educated, experienced financial advisor? If you have a dog or a cat, and you are wondering about whether all this hype about pits are true, just ask your vet the next time you take fluffy in for her annual check up and shots.

kayla November 15, 2010, 10:00 PM

i have to say that i think this article is a load of bull. how can u blame a dog when you dont even know how the dog was raised or anything about the dog. where you there when it happened?? no and do u know what the child was doing to the dog before it attacked her?? no. was the parents watching their child while it was around the pit? obviously not. i own two pitbulls, one of which is three years old and the most laid back loving dog i have ever seen in my life. he loves me and my husband and he has never even so much as growled at another human. when he was a puppy my husband spanked him for not minding and taught him how to act. i strongly believe that it is the owner of the dog that causes the attacks and not the dog itself… and i also believe that parents should know better than to leave their child alone with any animal especially a full grown big dog… i really get sick of people placing the blame on something that cant speak for themselves….

Cure Hemorrhoids November 27, 2010, 4:26 PM

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Preturi Rochii De Seara December 20, 2010, 1:21 AM

Nobody in life gets exactly what they thought they were going to get. But if you work really hard and you’re kind, amazing things will happen.

Melanie December 22, 2010, 9:14 AM

I have a 4 month old baby girl who is the light of my life.
6 months before she was born I got a male blue pit bull.
He is the sweetest & most kindest lil guy on the planet.
He lays in the floor with my 4 month old all the time & I feel perfectly safe letting him be around her.
as I am a single mother & he takes care of us.
He has the temperament of a KITTEN!

It is very small minded & frankly right out DUMB to blame a breed!
Pit bulls have a better track record than golden retrievers in temperament testing studies!
I am in vet. med. school at the moment & have followed the facts closely.
It’s the OWNER, not the dog.
You say they are bred for aggression? HA! you can breed many traits into a dog, but being a vicious killer isn’t one of them.
With the love & support of a loving family pit bulls are loyal like no other.
It’s usually very uneducated people who think otherwise.

& as for children getting attacked, its the PARENTS fault! not the dog.
Parents need to watch their kids better!

Dog_Lover January 3, 2011, 7:07 PM

If you’re going to ban Pitbulls, u might as well ban cars. Pitbulls are just one breed of dog. Before Pitbulls they wanted to ban, Doberman Pinscher, German Shepherd, and Rottweiler breeds. If they ban Pitbulls, People will find another breed of dog and then those dogs will get banned and it will go on and on. For a long time Pitbulls have been known for their loyalty, strength, versatility, bravery, and intellegiance. Pitbulls are even used as therepy and guide dogs. Don’t blame the breed, blame the owners.

Dog_Lover January 3, 2011, 7:09 PM

If you’re going to ban Pitbulls, u might as well ban cars. Pitbulls are just one breed of dog. Before Pitbulls they wanted to ban, Doberman Pinscher, German Shepherd, and Rottweiler breeds. If they ban Pitbulls, People will find another breed of dog and then those dogs will get banned and it will go on and on. For a long time Pitbulls have been known for their loyalty, strength, versatility, bravery, and intellegiance. Pitbulls are even used as therepy and guide dogs. Don’t blame the breed, blame the owners.

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Kate February 6, 2011, 9:21 AM

Kelsey, your remark was not very thought out. I did not understand what you were getting at? Pit bulls were not bred to kill people, they were bred to be dog aggressive for dog vs dog combat. Cuz if the dog bit a handler while in the fighting ring, they either were executed or not bred.
If Yorkies were bred to kill an adult person, being about 6 lbs isn’t going help them succeed in that. Now, if being 80 lbs, and human aggressive, it mostly kill. Pit bulls, dog aggressive, human friendly. Yorkies, nippy lil’ suckers. Lol

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Robbi Giardini February 11, 2011, 3:30 AM

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joeyboss February 23, 2011, 7:01 AM

i really enjoy people who are narrow minded and very ignorent im 20 years old 2 kids and a wife and a blue nose pit named luned i stole her from some people who were training her to fight, this dog is a blessing, id die b4 anybody harmed her so to all u na sayers nothin i say will ever change ur mind so i wanna say this go f yourselfs n if anybody touches my dog ill beat them half to death

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