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Another Pit Bull Attacks!

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Guest blooger Angela: It seems like every week there's another story of a pit bull killing or mauling someone -- and it's usually a kid. Recently, I read about one pit eating off a baby's testicles, and another gnawing off a child's toes. I mean, can you imagine? Domesticated dogs aren't supposed to do this! Well, the list of pit bull-caused injuries has grown again -- and this time, it has hit closer to home.

Pitbull barks

My daughter's friend, Sam, 8, was just viciously attacked by her friend's pit bull. Apparently she was just standing there when this dog suddenly grabbed her, dragged her into the backyard, shook her like a rag doll and fractured her femur. Sam is a slight little girl, too -- teeny for her age. I'm sure the dog weighed more than she does. Honestly, I don't know how she made it out alive. If you could see her, you wouldn't think she'd be able to survive the wind blowing her down.

Anyway, she was taken to the hospital, but no charges were filed against the dog's owners because the two families are good friends. The animal is still there in the house, too. Unbelieveable. If that were my dog, I'd have had it put down immediately, no questions asked. And if it were my kid who'd been hurt, I'd demand it. If you own a pit bull, it's not a question of if it's going to attack, but of when. There are just too many cases to assume otherwise. (Go ahead and Google "pit bull attacks on children" and see how many hits you get.)

I already know what kind of comments this post will get: "It's not the dog, it's the owner"; "Not ALL pit bulls are bad"; "Any dog can attack a child ...." Blah, blah, blah, whatever. I don't recall the last time a LABRADOODLE ate off a baby's testicles, broke an 8-year-old girl's leg or killed someone. Get real! Pit-bull owners are fools if they think their dogs don't have it in them to kill. Even if you think yours is the most gentle and sweetest of pooches, you still cannot ignore the fact that these dogs are bred to be aggressive. It's in their nature to attack. 

How many people have to get harmed (or killed) before it's illegal for these dogs to be around children?

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OllyPoP March 31, 2011, 2:26 PM

I’m in eighth grade and im doing a speech on how people missunderstand pitbulls. I’ts really sad because all pitbulls should not be punished for what one pitbull did. I’ts just like at school its un fair how the whole class gets punished for something one stupied kid did. In 2007 there was 1,273 abused pitbulls.

Pit history
the very first war dog was a pitbull named stubby and he is still known as the most heroic dog in history. Hellen keller even owned a pitbull and the dog was used for therepy.

65% percent of animals in shelters are pitbulls.

It’s so sad :(

tabletki na pryszcze April 3, 2011, 7:35 AM

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ignoranceisthepits April 8, 2011, 11:03 PM

I’ve worked in the veterinary field. I’ve trained dogs, I’ve grown up with dogs and in all those years, I’ve been attacked by a Yellow Lab (oh yes, the FRIENDLIEST DOGS…) a Black Lab, a Wheaton Terrier, a Chihuahua, and a Greyhound. Despite the number of pitbulls I encountered, never, not once did one show aggression. However a Miniature Poodle- yes, a tiny fluffy dog, killed his owner in under 30 seconds by severing her femoral artery. If you think small dogs aren’t dangerous, you’re truly ignorant. Add to that the fact that your basic premise is incorrect: pit bulls, as a combination of terrier and bulldog were bred originally for their determination and strength to help farmers handle livestock- then subsequently that determination was turned against other dogs by people who were no longer allowed by law to bait livestock with dogs. But at all times, a pit bull had to be obedient and friendly to humans, which is why for the sheer number of pit bulls in existence, so few of them exhibit human aggression. You can let the internet and Fox news ‘educate’ you, or you can educate yourself. Any pit bull that exhibited human aggression was culled immediately. That was the ‘upside’ to dog fighting when it comes to the temperament of this breed.

Did you read about the stray pit bull that came out of nowhere to defend a mother and her child against an attacker? How about the pit bull that saved a child from a snake bite? Or maybe the two pit bulls that defended a child against another dog?

Pit bulls (while not even being a true breed) have become the dog of choice for unsavory people, and as such, there are higher numbers of intact and outdoor-living poorly trained dogs. Most of the people who own these ill bred excuses for pit bulls don’t even bother to FEED them- the most basic interaction you can have with a life in your care. If you haven’t heard the example of Patrick already, you are living under a rock. And if you think that Patrick is going to turn around and attack anyone then you have some severe denial going on about who is truly to blame for degenerate behavior in society.

You’ll want to be careful about the kind of generalizations you make. If you started to say that because X% of crime in this country is perpetrated by African Americans, so all African Americans are criminals, you would be cast out into the street as an ignorant bigot. Consider your methods and what you will be raising your child to fear. Also remember that dogs can sense fear, so a child taught to react fearfully to a dog, instead of educated in the proper way to interact with a dog of ANY breed, is more likely to get bitten. Look up those statistics- the number of dog bite incidents of ALL breeds with children, because those same children were never taught how to approach a dog.

Educate yourself, educate your child, don’t introduce another ignorant fearmonger into a society already overburdened with them.

Johnny May 22, 2011, 11:05 PM

Good job researching your work. I find it funny that you advice readers to use google to substantiate the article when it is obvious that you did nothing more than use google. You should post A warning that you are giving uneducated opinions and calling them facts.

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