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Kids Should Be Banned from Wearing Flip-Flops

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Momlogic's Momstrosity: It is my opinion that flip-flops are the world's most dangerous footwear -- right up there with any shoe designed by the late Alexander McQueen.

The shoes (if you can call them that) used to be de rigueur only on the beach, but over the years they have infiltrated everyday life. I've seen them worn at every occasion -- once I even saw them at a funeral! 

Besides being a fashion faux pas, the darn things are not in the least practical. Take today's news for example, wherein an 11-year-old boy wearing flip-flops mowed the lawn for the first time ever and accidentally cut off three of his toes.

I do not blame the mower in this situation. I blame the shoes.

Although my kids' toes are intact, my flip-flop-wearing preschooler succumbed to the dangers of her flips this past weekend when, while running up our walkway, one of her flip-flops got caught under itself and she careened into our concrete steps. Much crying and Neosporin followed.

I do not blame the concrete stairs. I blame the shoes. 

At my little girl's preschool, there's a rule: No open-toed shoes allowed. A better policy I cannot imagine. When I've shown up at "outdoor" playtime, the playground is overrun with running, hopping, skipping children, each of them bouncing off the walls with pent-up energy. Sure, they still hurt themselves, but the whole tripping-over-their-own-shoes variable has left the equation. 

To have young children who are still working out their coordination running around in barely there rubbery shoes is just plain dumb. Even preschooler teachers know that. So why don't we follow that advice at home? In my opinion, footwear should be consistent with the activity, and playing should always require closed-toed shoes. And last time I checked, kids are always at play. I personally don't go to the gym in high heels, so why are kids playing tag in flip-flops? Before you lament the fact that your kid should be able to wear sandals in the summer, how about considering some of the sturdy, arch-supporting closed-toe sandals that are out there ... like these made by Keen - or one of the many much cheaper knock-offs? 

I know a real ban is silly but maybe they should be limited to beach?

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louis vuitton Handbags May 9, 2011, 5:33 AM

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Momma Tora May 20, 2011, 7:46 AM

Thanks for writing this.

I don’t think you meant that they should literally be banned. If you did mean that, then I guess I can’t agree with you all the way.

I have had many people ask why I don’t jst buy my three sons a pair of $1.50 flip flops for the summer. When I express my concern about open toes and clumsy boys, potential for snake and bug bites, and the possible negative orthopedic impact they could have on little growing legs, they look at *me* like I’m the crazy one.

I’m not the one letting my kids twist their ankles in flimsy slipshod rubber pads half-strapped to their feet.

Now I don’t feel so alone in being the only mom in the area who won’t buy flip-flops for her kids.

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