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Survey Says: Internet Shopping Is Women's Work

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Momlogic's Momstrosity: A woman's work is never done, says the antiquated-yet-still-painfully-accurate adage. Yeah, we've got dishwashers ... but who does most of the emptying and loading? (If you're one of those lucky women who has a partner who shares equally in all the housework, please do me a favor and stop reading and go bask in the glory that is your life.)

For the rest of us, a new survey has come out that assesses how women are spending their time online. First off, we do spend more time on social networking sites than men (24.8 hours per month, compared to 22.9 hours for men). No big surprise there: Women like to connect. While the guys were off hunting, we liked to gather ... at Starbucks and drink coffee.

It's the shopping stats that got me. Even with the Internet rendering a trip to the dreaded mall unnecessary, men are still not doing their fair share of the shopping.


Women buy more clothes, toys and home items online than men. When was the last time your guy said, "Honey, we need new dishtowels," or "Emma's growing out of her socks. We need to get her new ones"? Nope, that job (while not as difficult as washing a weeks' worth of laundry in a river) is still a drag. In houses where both parents work, the majority of the "family" purchases still land in the lap of mom. Most of this isn't what's known as "retail therapy" -- it's just buying the essentials to keep the house running.

It's not that men aren't buying. They are. According to the survey, men are purchasing more electronics online than women -- yet women, it seems, are buying more Wii's and Game Boys. Hey, I'm no social scientist, but I'm going to guess that those are probably not for her; rather, they're for her kids. 

It was nice to see that men bought more "flowers, greetings and gifts," but we're just wondering: Who's getting those? The wives ... or someone else? (Yikes!)

Unless, of course, I'm stereotyping.

Who's responsible for buying the toys, diapers, kids' clothes and housewares at your house? 

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Pharmc844 October 9, 2010, 11:26 AM

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NeilWechsler March 16, 2011, 4:52 AM

I find it normal that women do more online shopping and more shopping altogether, because usually women take the initiative of buying new stuff around the house. Being more thoughtful than men, women are also buying more gifts. I am surprised to see that women are buying more gaming consoles.

Elizabeth March 29, 2011, 6:34 PM

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