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Keep It or Toss It? This Website Can Help

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Let's say you come across some old corn on the cob in the back of the fridge. You smell it, eyeball it, taste it ... but you're still not sure whether you should cook it or toss it. Hey, we've all been there. And now there's a website that can help ....

vegetables is a site that just recently came onto our radar -- and we just had to share! It lists all kinds of food that you may have left out on the counter, forgotten in the fridge or freezer or buried in the back of your pantry. The question: Is it still safe to eat?

We all hate wasting food, but we also don't want to risk getting our families sick by pushing "good until" dates to the edge. Check out this ultimate shelf-life guide!

Bonus: They have a downloadable iPhone app available for $1.99.

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