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What Do Mel Gibson, Steve Jobs, Tiger Woods, Lady Gaga, Old Spice Commercials and the Stars of 'Twilight' Have in Common?

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Momlogic's Momstrosity: This week really got me shook up -- much like the earthquake that rocked Maryland today.

Mel Gibson_Steve Jobs_Tiger Woods Lady Gaga Old Spice Commercials Twilight iphone

When it comes to controversy (and demanding oral sex), nobody can hold a candle to Mel Gibson and his taped tirades. Makes me want to hunker down and listen to the most-viewed YouTube video, "Baby," by Justin Bieber -- who knocked Lady Gaga out of the running. (Her lyrics from "Bad Romance" say it all.)

I'd do some major iPhone 4 Skyping with my best friend who lives cross-country, but unfortunately I can't use the damn thing 'cause the recall didn't happen and all I got was a free protective case. Thanks for nothing, Steve Jobs. You're like a digital vampire -- now go get yourself cast in the next "Twilight" movie.

It's funny: As Tiger Woods' star descends, another sexy black athlete Isaiah Mustafa is making his mark in the hilarious Old Spice commercials.

Incidentally, the new Tiger Woods video game "Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11" has been deemed a big loser. Gosh, I wish I had a map to a game that would be less of a joke. Maybe I'll try

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