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Mom Says Daughter Met Abductor Online

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KETV The mother of the Nebraska teen who prompted an Amber Alert said her daughter has been found safe.

Melody Martin

Ramona Gibbs of Ainsworth, said her daughter, Melody Rose Martin, 15, and the man she was with, Robert Olney, 30, are in custody in Little Rock, Ark. The circumstances surrounding how they were found are not known.

Martin's family said she met Olney while playing World of Warcraft, an Internet video game. The parents said they could see the girl was addicted to the game -- sometimes playing 90 hours per week -- but they said they could never guess she'd leave with a playing partner.

"It is the worst thing you can do to your child -- to let them play that," Gibbs said.

"There's a lot of temptation. It's like any addiction. If you have the drug in front of you, and as much of it as you want to use, you're going to use the daylights out of it," said Melody's stepfather, Jason Gibbs.

He said he noticed that his daughter recently began spending time with one person online.

"She would be hanging out with the same character all the time, her character with another character for long periods of time," he said.

Ramona Gibbs discovered her daughter missing early Wednesday morning.

"She was gone," she said. "She was completely gone. I had no clues that she'd disappear."

She checked the girl's computer and saw that she made arrangements over the Internet with a 30-year-old man to travel across the country.

"A 15-year-old being picked up in the middle of the night by a 30-year-old, and this happens all the time," Ramona Gibbs said.

She said the family's use of a program to track computer keystrokes helped police track down Olney. Police said they're not sure where he actually lives because he has a New York license plate on his car and his computer IP address was linked to Alabama.

Police said games like World of Warcraft, which come with instant messaging-types of features, are a legitimate concern. They said Internet predators who use the game are difficult to track, given the game's complexities.

Full story: KETV

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