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Sick of Toxins Being Found in Kids' Jewelry!

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Angry Mom:I just read that 137,000 pieces of children's jewelry from two stores my daughter and I frequent -- Justice and Limited Too -- have been recalled for high levels of cadmium. The recall was the sixth since June, and involved 19 different styles of necklaces, bracelets and earrings from a company called "Tween Brands." Earlier in June, millions of "Shrek"-themed drinking glasses were recalled for toxic levels of cadmium, and in May, some Miley Cyrus jewelry from Walmart was recalled, too.

Justice BFF bracelet

I don't get it. How is it that this "cadmium" can be used in anything, much less products for our children? I Googled this stuff and found out that it "bioaccumulates" (concentrates in the body without being expressed like other toxins are). Cadmium is considered carcinogenic by most health and safety agencies because it irritates internal organs such as the lungs and intestines, and long-term exposure to the element can cause death. Awesome!

There was once a time when lead and arsenic were used in makeup, and cadmium itself was used as a medical treatment until scientists figured out how dangerous it was. There's no telling what's in the everyday products we use! I am so sick of this! It's all about making a buck, obviously. These companies don't care about the consumer -- only that we keep on "consuming."

"Tween Brands," the company that distributes these products (and that has "no comment" on their latest mess-up, by the way), should be ashamed.

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Jenny H July 15, 2010, 9:15 AM

This makes me so angry. Especially considering the hard time the US CPSC gives small business individuals here in our own country who manufacture toys.

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