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Naked Mannequin Causes Decency Debate In Nebraska

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Stylelite: This may be the strangest story we read all day. According to the Associated Press, a half-clothed mannequin caused quite the stir in downtown Beatrice, Nebraska last week, after the police department received a complaint that its -- the mannequin's -- pants had fallen down around its ankles.

Naked Manequin

Though City Attorney Tobias Tempelmeyer said Monday that they were "not able at this point to issue a determination whether it's obscene or not," police taped paper over the offending display in the meantime.

Store owner Kevin Kramer has since threatened the police department with a lawsuit, alleging "the officers violated multiple laws, including trespassing, destruction of property and littering." And Tempelmayer says its up to the U.S. Supreme Court and State of Nebraska to determine the mannequin's level of obscenity.

But while we were on a hunt for photos of this indecent mannequin, we found the initial report on the story from The Beatrice Daily Sun, which features a photograph of a mannequin wearing a sparkly bikini and holding a big, black gun.

The bikini, apparently, was Kramer's solution to the indecency charges. But we'll be honest: we have no idea where the gun fits in.

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