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Newsflash: Angelina Jolie Has Joined Twitter

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Angelina Jolie has joined Twitter -- but so far has no tweets or followers. Her account is locked. But the Internet is buzzing over the fact that she has joined at all. Can't wait to see her 140-word missives about her movies, charity work and SIX kids ....

While we're on the subject, did you check out the dress Angelina wore to the "Salt" premiere in Tokyo last night? Wowza! What do you think?

Angelina Jolie

Celebrity Moms on Twitter

Nicole Richie


"I tried to tell my kids that since it's a holiday, they can sleep in! I don't think that worked..."

Tori Spelling


"In bed w/Liam watching a few mins of Batman before nite nite.Stella already asleep.I'm exhausted.Being a floral designer is hard work ha ha!"

Soleil Moon Frye


"My 2 year old walked into the video store yesterday and picked up Goonies right away and handed it to me. I knew she was really my daughter."

Kendra Wilkinson


"cows cows cows ... what roadtrip games do you guys play? Oh look..more cows lololol"

Brooke Burke


"I'm drinking a glass of Cab, about to write a blog, get the kids to bed and watch Idol..."

Lisa Rinna


"My 8yr old just said 'quiet on the set' Uh oh... "

Cindy Crawford


"Took my kids to a Best Buddies bowling event yesterday and then to Universal Studios. The Simpsons ride was great, but made me nauseous!"

Marlee Matlin


"I'll see you over the weekend. Meanwhile, I got a house load of kids (neighbor kids and mine). Where did i put the keys to their cages? LOL"

Melissa Joan Hart


"Nothing cuter then a 23 month old boy. Even if he is covered in chocolate and snot!"

Shanna Moakler


"My son just rode his bike without training wheels for the first time! So cool!!! Not sure what's cuter him or how happy his sister is 4 him!"

Perla Hudson


"On our way home now! We love poppin into vegas for 24 hours of adult pleasures! Gambling, liquor, clubs and strippers. Back to being a mom."

Britney Spears


"Hanging with my boys down under. Excited for my first show in Melbourne tonight! You guys ready? -Britney"

Alison Sweeney


"Thank u tweethearts 4 Bday wishes 2 Ben. He & I made special Bday choc chip cookies 4 school. brought rest 2 Salem. Dont want em @ home! ;)"

Kourntey Kardashian


"A lot of u have asked where u can get the belly bandit I designed thats helping me flatten my tummy after"

Kirstie Alley


"GREAT DAY OF FILMING....seems like a crime to have so much fun working...but I'm not complaining....I love my job...all of them"

Kathy Ireland


"Driving our daughter Lily to a family to dinner with friends! Grateful for this 'bubble time with kids'."

Alyson Hannigan


"Why does my baby ALWAYS fall asleep 5 minutes before we get to where we're going?!? & why didn't I remember my book?!?"

Jane Fonda


"Sat on floor of Barbara Streisand's bathrm last nt listening to albums she'd done with Richard that even her hubby hadn't heard. Stunning!"

Ashlee Simpson Wentz


"BX's 1st bday tomorrow! My angel is going to be a year!! The greatest year of my life :)"

Demi Moore


"just had a flea market adventure w/my baby girl Lulah at the Rose Bowl found another vintage monkey 4my collection!"

Maria Shriver


"I've been having conversations with my children about hurtful words and it's fascinating to learn what words they think are ok to use."

Niecy Nash


"My 18yr old son closed his gap. My kids and I were members of "the gap band"! My son broke up the group:( getn date for the Doctor's airing."

Denise Richards


"warning: went to buy chewable motrin for my children yesterday and it was recalled."

Sherri Shepherd


"My baby just got home a few hours ago from L.A.; haven't seen him in 8 days & I'm feenin' for my 4 year old. Going 2 snuggle now. Goodnite!"

Holly Robinson Peete


"I evn fired a babysitter 4 not greasin down after bath! told her 18 times:put brown kids to sleep w/ no lotion thy wake up w/bbq chips skin"

Barbara Walters


"Saturday. Bought a hat going to theatre to see Hamlet. So happy to be home tonight"

Joy Behar


"I had to cancel tomorrow night's poker game. We could not find a sixth player. Will still eat the frozen lasagna, anyway."

Elisabeth Hasslebeck


"2 1/2 year old in toddler bed for 1st time 2nite. moved him in his sister's room.tim went in 2 check on him- eyes open, not moved, AWAKE!"

NeNe Leakes


"Morn-ting! Waking up n the A! On the mommy grind! Took my son 2 school! Gotta do laundry&grocery shopping! I haven't did this n a long time"

Shaunie O'Neal


"Truck full of 10yr old boys in major traffic!! Heeeellllpppp! LOL!!! Me Mimi need some calgon!"

Kim Zolciak


"Amazing night Brielle is truly amazing her friends gave speeches abt her @ dinner had every1 in tears! I'm so blessed to have both my girls"

Caroline Manzo


"kids r all out & I just finished cooking for absolutely no one. There's something wrong with me. Anybody hungry????"

Teresa Giudice


"as i was making dinner for tonight it is great to hear from my daughters saying to me mommy you make the best food..."

Natalie Grant


"Having massive "kid" party in Seattle in a couple of weeks. Tonight will be intimate & sweet :)"

Debi Mazar


"Not yet four year old daughter just showed up and: "Can I have some Champagne?" Now explaining why I cannot open a new bottle for her!!!"

Ali Landry


"Can someone please tell me how to get my child to stop picking her nose, it is driving me nuts. HELP"

Dina Manzo


"Lexi at the Dr's office crying because she is getting a shot. I can't stop laughing. Is that mean? SHE IS 14!!!!"

Candace Cameron Bure


"My brain wants to explode!!!! So do my kids. They are driving me nuts. Well, just 2 of them. Deep breathe. Breathe Candace, breathe"

Padma Lakshmi


"Thanks to all for the very sweet wishes. Mom & beautiful Krishna Thea resting nicely. :)"

Jillian Barberie


"I want to bite Rocco he's so frigging cute in his ugg boots and spendid onsie. I can't believe I just said onsie."

Jessica Alba


"spending the am w my lovely m in law and lil stink- she ate 2 lrg bowls of oatml and 3 pcs of bcn- what r ur toddlers eating these days?"

Jenny McCarthy


"Yes I'm a grandma! Beautiful healthy baby boy. Dr jay Gordon is the pediatrician. Thank god! Jackson is in great hands!"

Melissa Gilbert


"I have news tweethearts!! My first born son Dakota, was sworn into the Marines yesterday. I couldn't be more proud."

Jill Zarin


"SNOW DAY! My dream come true. My 3 little nieces and Ally cuddling with me. I am in heaven."

Jennifer Lopez


"Hi lovers, I just finished my workout... ugh holidays! I get energy when I work out, and there is so much going on right now, I gotta be fit."

Nia Vardalos


"Still sick, on floor of daughter's bedroom as she falls asleep. Am trying to not breathe my Typhoid Mary germs on her."

Solange Knowles


"Only my son would ask for lavender ice cream with pomegrante and white chocolate toppings."

Fran Drescher


"Just returned from HSN. My dad got sick. Esther got sick. Amor got sick & the BF is sick. Oy gevalt gashriggen! Loading up on the homeopathy"

Pamela Anderson


(In response to her recent addition to Dancing with the Stars)

"Thanks.. I'm so excited. I need a challenge. This is a great time for me to do this. I rehearse while boys are in it."

Giada De Laurentiis


"Jade came to set and overheard someone say "no way." Now she's always saying "NO WAY, MAMA!" I wonder if she knows what it means..."

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