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Get Ready for Your Baby!

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Lara Shriftman: Preparing for a new baby is a daunting task, so take some time so get things settled a few weeks ahead of time. Close to the date, you should start preparing the baby's room and supplies. If you are superstitious about doing this before the baby is born, have someone do this for you while you are at the hospital. Get the changing table ready. You will need to stock up on the essentials like:Diapers for newborns • Wet wipes • Pacifiers (If you choose to give your child one) • Thermometer (Braun makes a great in-ear one) • Aquaphor or some kind of healing ointment for the baby's bottom and skin • Mylicon or gripe water for when the baby has gas • Formula • Bottles You can order all of these supplies ahead of time at places like and they will deliver them right to your home! Formula You will also need to get the bottles ready, and formula if you are not breast-feeding or if you do not have enough milk. Breast Pump If you are breastfeeding make sure to have the breast pump and all necessary parts sanitized and ready to use. Bottles You should start with about five 5 oz. bottles. As the baby gets older, the nipple sizes will change, but you can go ahead and buy larger ones for the future to have. Bottle Sanitizer You will need a bottle sanitizer (Avent makes a great one) and a drying rack is helpful as well. I got my drying rack from Skip Hop. Seventh Generation makes great dishwashing soap for all of the baby dishes. Dreft Have some clothes washed and ready for the baby as well. Wash them in Dreft detergent first so they do not irritate the baby's skin. You will also need child-size hangers for the baby's clothes. You can find them at places like Babies R Us. Mittens You will need a pair or two of mittens for the baby to wear for the first few weeks, so the baby doesn't scratch himself. Hand Sanitizer Remember to keep hand sanitizer on hand for any guest coming to visit, as they will be touching the baby. New moms: What are some things YOU couldn't live without when you brought your baby home?

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1 comments so far | Post a comment now July 29, 2010, 7:29 AM

Thanks for this this! I’ve just got a matter of weeks to go and am starting my pre-baby I’m-not-ready freakout!

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