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Notes from Bedrest: Still Defying Gravity

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Jane from L.A.:Twenty-three weeks pregnant today. Twenty-two days since the procedure. Twenty-two days since I've seen the outside of my bedroom. Twenty minutes since my house call from my doctors, who managed to borrow a mini ultrasound machine (more on that later). They were so proud of themselves as they stood on my porch, high-fiving in the rain ....

Notes from Bedrest

The ultrasound was as perfect as it could be. He's measuring right on for 23 weeks, and my cervix is still competent. More high-fiving. They were happy. I'm happyish. I still have a loooooooong way to go. They still worry about my water breaking and whatnot. And they don't want me moving from my bed until at least 30 weeks, and getting off bedrest until ... well, I don't know when. Bah humbug. We may have to push back the move to the new house a couple weeks. I guess it could be worse.

So how is bedrest, you ask? I'm not going to lie: It's pretty dreadful.

Willa has turned her back on me like Paulie did to Henry Hill in "Goodfellas." She's mad at me because I can't pick her up when she's crying or get down on the floor to play or put her to bed at night or come get her in the morning. She only wants Daaadaaa and Karen the nanny, to whom she has grown ridiculously attached. I've become that weird, dreadlocked lady who lives in the bedroom down the hall. Remember the naked dance she used to do after a bath? I barely get a tush wiggle. And now that she knows the meaning of the word "no," she gets great pleasure in yelling that at me when I ask her if she wants Mommy to give her a bottle before bed. Awesome.

Notes from Bedrest

Speaking of dreadlocks, I got a haircut the other day while lying with my hair draped over the side. It was a first for me and my hairstylist.

Eating in bed is not as glamorous as it sounds. I lie on my right side and eat with my left hand while food and drink spill all over the place. Crumbs everywhere. It's gross. And forget about digestion. It's impossible to metabolize anything lying down. I'm like a slug with a constant stomachache.

I shower every few days and Joe stands there and times me. If I'm taking longer than two minutes, he'll knock on the shower door and do the "wrap it up" sign.

There's more, but you get the picture. Junior seems healthy, so I'm good. Thank God my parents are here and I have Joe and my wonderful friends and family. It is certainly taking a village. I am lucky.

* "Notes from Bedrest" is a new column that features e-mails from a mom who recently experienced bedrest. We are posting her e-mails chronologically in the order she wrote them.

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Mo July 9, 2010, 7:43 AM

Best of luck to you! You are much closer to the finish line! Yay!!! I’m rooting for all of you (Willa will come around soon enough)!

Brie  July 9, 2010, 10:42 AM

I FEEL FOR YOU! I was on bed rest with my 2nd baby. At 27 weeks (incompetent cervix) I was dilated 2cm. I was having frequent contractions (had to monitor from home) and at 30 weeks they were consistently 2 minutes apart. So I went to the hospital and was put on Magnesium Sulfate to stop them—and was admitted to the Antepartum unit. My son was also around 18 months at the time. We had family and friends watch him and he would visit every day. We bought “special” toys for him to play with so he wouldn’t press the nurse call button. :) Our baby made it to 37 weeks and is now 4 months and healthy. While on bed rest I finished scrapbooks online, bought an exercise band to keep my muscles toned (because they will become weak), made grocery lists, budgeted, bought clothes for my son online, etc. Thank goodness for the laptop! A few plants for your room might be good too. Good luck to you! It will all be worth it!

Andrea July 9, 2010, 6:49 PM

Oh my lord. You have my complete and utter sympathies. I was on modified bedrest at 23 weeks with my twins. Which id understandably just a fraction of what you are going through. And I was in denial of the whole thing until I had preterm contractions and had to go in for trebutaline (sp?) Anyway, we then got a nanny for the eighteen month old and sat on the couch for the next 4 mos! And they hung in there til 37 weeks. They were born two years ago today in fact! And as much as the bedrest seemed like the end of the world at the time, it hardly feels like anything now. And of course their healthy little faces make every minute of it worth it all and then some! If you need anything email me! Or come check out the drama on my site…
I’m giving away a haircut at the yellow balloon in Studio City in about an hour if you get this in time. It is listed under the “must read posts”
I’ll be thinking about you!

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