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Your Top Summer Beauty Issues -- SOLVED!

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Everybody's got 'em: summer's most problematic beauty issues, from stubble to boob sweat. What do you do when frizzy hot-weather hair has gotten the best of you? Solutions, comin' up.

We took a little poll here at the momlogic offices: "What summer beauty issues are most problematic for you?" Then we took the resulting list to Hollywood beauty expert Yelenia, who works in one of Hollywood's most-frequented dermatology offices. (Yes, she does Botox for many famous celebs, and no, she wouldn't mention any names.) She did give us some super-easy, budget-friendly tricks for tackling those nasty summer issues, though. Best of all: You can get the fixers at your local pharmacy or department store!

Summer Beauty Issues Solved

Leg, Under Arm, Bikini Stubble

There's really no alternative BUT to shave during the summer (waxing or Nairing require longer hair). Applying Aveeno's smooth shave gelprevents shaving irritation while also minimizing the re-appearance of unwanted hair. $4.09 Another tip? Use a man's razor (Yelenia loves the Gillette Mach 3) for a super soft and much closer shave. $9.30

Under Boob Sweat

Forget just dripping under your arms -- what about the boob area? Rather than putting deodorant under your twins, take a blush brush, lift, and dab some good ol' baby powder. $3.19

Tan Lines

There's nothing worse than wearing a beautiful dress and having white tan lines (it'll ruin your pictures too...)  This MAC face and body foundation will even out your color. It's also sweat-proof, matte, and won't clog your pores. $32

Frizzy Hair

Are your frizzies out of control when you're in the heat? Instead of not washing your hair, try Pantene's Frizz Control conditioner, followed by a dab of Pantene Anti-Frizz Serum (applied when hair is still wet) $5.89 and $6.99

Under-Arm Perspiration

Those unsightly under-arm sweat circles can be easily prevented. Hollywood celebs are known to use Botox in that area, but using Secret Clinical Strength deodorant should do the trick. $8.95

Body Acne

Applying sunscreen (not to mention the sun itself) can cause breakouts on your bod. Neutrogena's Body Clear Body Wash fights breakouts on your back, chest and shoulders--without overdrying. $6.02

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