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Tori vs. Dean: Is an Adrenaline Rush Worth the Risk?

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momlogic's Vivian:

Dean McDermott and Tori Spelling

Last week, motorcycle enthusiast Dean McDermott (of "Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood" fame) took quite the spill on his bike, puncturing his lung, "messing up a few things" and landing in the ICU.People magazine reports that he's out of intensive care now, but it'll be a while before he's in the clear.

If you watch "Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood,"you know that Dean's wife, Tori Spelling, has held a firm anti-motorcycle stance for quite some time -- to the point that it seemed to fuel a rift in Tori and Dean's relationship. See, her beef wasn't about the fact that her hubby had himself a hobby, it was about the fact that he had a hobby that could potentially cause him bodily harm -- or worse. And now the poor girl is facing one of her biggest fears (while taking care of two small children, mind you).

This sitch got me thinking: Do we owe it to our partners and our children to stay out of harm's way when it comes to our recreational activities?

Don't get me wrong -- I'm all for parents striving to preserve a hunk of the pre-kid part of themselves, be it through a hobby, an adventure or what have you. But in this case, I'm inclined to agree with the woman. Would I have jumped out of a plane in my 20s? Hells, yeah! But seeing as I don't have to do it for work and I have two young kids to take care of, no adrenaline rush is worth my potential inability to care for my kids due to a busted limb, confinement to a hospital bed ... or worse. So I get my "me" on by doing things that don't involve parachutes.

What say you, guys? Are recreational risks worth taking once you have kids?

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