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America's New Threat: Terror Babies?!

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CNN reports on the latest anti-immigration rights scare tactic: so-called "terror babies." If you watch "Anderson Cooper 360," you might recognize the phrase. No, it's not the next thriller planned for the Syfy network -- it's a term used to describe babies born to illegal immigrants on U.S. soil.

new born baby
The thinking is that these babies -- who are granted citizenship via the 14th amendment -- could be sent back to their parents' country of origin, trained to be terrorists, then, once grown, returned to the U.S. to create havoc from within. Ruben Navarrette, Jr., an NPR commentator and CNN contributor, wrote, "Terror babies are sort of like a sleeper cell, one that has to be put down for a nap every few hours or it gets fussy." Hilarious.

While the thought of armies of terror babies infiltrating the U.S. is indeed horrifying, it is likely never going to happen.

Moms, tell us what you think about the "terror baby" debate.

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