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Bristol and Levi Got Ripped Off in the Parent Department

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Tamara Sinclair: As a mom of two teenage boys, I am appalled by the latest news about Bristol Palin and her "babydaddy," Levi Johnston. You probably think I'm judging Bristol for having unprotected premarital sex. Or that I am shocked that Levi basically abandoned his paternal responsibility to gallivant in the shiny lights of Hollywood. Nope: I blame both of their moms.


Levi is saddled with a mom who's addicted to OxyContin, and Bristol has the burden of being the daughter of a megalomaniacal media whore.

What are the odds that either of them was going to grow up to be a stable adult?

The sordid Bristol-Levi saga continues. Just days after announcing that they're engaged for a second time (perhaps due to a reality-show deal?), the couple has once again called it off. This time around, Levi "Can't Keep It in His Pants" Johnston is rumored to have gotten yetanother girl pregnant: former girlfriendLanesia Garcia. No one knows if the story's true or not, but Levi's own sister, Mercede,came to her brother's defense via blog. (Why does she need a blog?!) "My friend Lanesia Garcia is having a baby," Mercede wrote, "and Levi has absolutely NOTHING to do with it."

Could the whole thing get any sleazier? And let's not forget in the midst of all this turmoil thatBristol and Levi have a child they need to be parenting. Good golly, Miss Molly: How's that gonna work out?!

Sadly, we must use this troubled couple as cautionary tale. Whatever Sarah Palin and Sherry Johnston did to raise these kids ... do the opposite!

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chris August 3, 2010, 4:30 PM

Why the hell do you need a blog? Who the hell are you??? I’m sorry but as I mother, I know that no matter what I do while raising my child, my children will make their own decisions in their lives. Do we really what to blame all moms for all the bad children in the world? I know I don’t. You sound like a bitter nosy nettie…spend more time worry about the real issuses out there that is facing the people of this country. Jobs, education, immigration,etc. Remember, if you’re not part of the solution then you’re part of the problem. GROW UP!!!

Anonymous August 3, 2010, 4:46 PM

Headlines today:
6 teenagers drown…didn’t know how to swim and neither did parents who watched them drown.

Man kills 8 plus himself.

Muslims approved to build mosque near 9/11 site.

1 nun killed, 2 hurt by drunk illegal immigrate (w/2 prior dui).

Bristol and Levi engagement off again

Wow…that one about Bristol and Levi really has me shaken.

Montana August 4, 2010, 1:52 AM

Its no surprise when i see that there are hardships in that family especially when I see that the mother is addicted to oxycontin. I work at a detox and see what this drug can do.

annie August 4, 2010, 5:41 AM

Considering how many Moms’ unmarried young daughters get pregnant and how many Moms’ are addicted to some kind of drug, there must be tons and tons of “BAD MOTHERS” out in our world. I certainly hope that your teenage son never do anything that would cause you to be judged and told that you’re to blame b/c your a bad mom.

Anonymous August 4, 2010, 8:22 AM

Sadie needs a blog to defend herself against people like you, who do not think there are two sides to every story.

michele August 4, 2010, 9:02 AM

Parents DO have a lot of influence on their kids decisions — it is called FIRM boundaries and kids this young have no business getting pregnant. If their parents had put some fear in them, they probably wouldn’t have gotten prego — trust me, been there and done that and did different with my daughter! My friends that had kids at an early age did not instill ANY boundaries in their teenagers - it does work!

Anonymous August 4, 2010, 10:09 AM

Sorry Michelle but being raised in a loving but strict catholic home with 2 parents in a good neighborhood still did not prevent my sister from getting pregnant at 15. Yes, as parents we do have some influence over our children and it is up to us to install good values and good morals but when most kids become teenagers, they tend to start using their own minds. Sometimes for good and sometimes not so good. Most adults can care less that kids and teens are so overexposed to sexuality, just look at ads, movies, music, even adults own behaviors and then they act shocked when kids and teens engage in it.

Christina August 4, 2010, 7:34 PM

Um, and why aren’t the dads getting blamed here too?

Smith August 6, 2010, 2:42 AM

Oh please, Palin has being trying to get this kid out of her daughter’s before she was this media seeker that you make her out to be.

Palin even wanted to take Bristol with her to Juneau so she wouldn’t be able to see the kid again. However, Bristol refused to go so she stayed with Palin’s sister but that didn’t solve anything since Bristol would sneak out with Levi.

Anonymous August 7, 2010, 6:04 PM

Blame society

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