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Camp Insanity: 6 Very Unusual Kid Camps

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No longer content to simply sit around and roast s'mores, kids today demand extreme adventure for your camping dollar.

Back in the day, going away to camp meant one thing: sleeping in a tent. Now, jaded kids expect more out of their camping experience than singing "Kumbaya" and swatting at mosquitoes.

Camp Insanity

Money 101 Camp

Money 101 CampWe know we're in a recession, but this ridiculous. According to the MathTree ("It all adds up to fun!") website, during their stay at Money 101 camp, campers get to "consider their options for earning, saving, investing." Good times! Maybe Mr. Banks from "Mary Poppins" will talk to the kids about the value of tuppence.

Spy Camp

Spy Camp The official website says it teaches "physical skills, teamwork and critical thinking within the framework of the exciting field of espionage." Useful for those kids who want to use super-sweet code-breaking skills, surveillance techniques and undercover maneuvers to spy on their siblings.

Summer Explosives Camp

Summer Explosives Camp If your kid's a pyromaniac, this camp is for him (or her). The website says the schedule includes such fun activities as "How to prime and shoot dynamite" and "How to set up and shoot off a fireworks display." Be sure to impress upon kids when they return home that "What happens at Explosives Camp stays at Explosives Camp!"

Ted Nugent Kamp for Kids

Ted Nugent Kamp for Kids If you want to send your kid off to a camp named after a guy who said "I'm Ted F**ckin' Nugent!" on VH1's "Behind the Music," that's your prerogative. Promotional materials say this camp is "Your chance to give the love of bowhunting and archery to a child ... a love that will start with their first bull's-eye and never end."

Hollywood Stunt Camp

Hollywood Stunt Camp Hurling themselves off 40-foot buildings and platforms might be a dream come true for those kids who worship action heroes like Jean-Claude Van Damme. But if you're a mom who worries that your kid might get a splinter whittlin' at a regular camp, this one is not for you.

Wagon Train Camp

Wagon Train Camp The Old West comes alive as campers sleep in real covered wagons, eat in the "Outpost" and purchase items from the "Trading Post." Hopefully, this camp won't have kids experiencing the more realistic wagon-train side-effects that befell the real pioneers (namely, saddle sores and dysentery).

Is your kid ready for sleepaway camp? Find out here.

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