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Flight Attendant Snatches Baby from Slaphappy Mom!

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momlogic's Vivian: And now, yet another surreal chapter in the babies vs. planes saga. File this one under "Absurdities That Make You Say 'What the *$&#?!'"

Southwest Airlines

ABC News reports that a Southwest flight attendant had to "remove" a baby from her parents because the mom smacked the 13-month-old across the face to keep her from crying!

Um ... wouldn't that PROMOTE crying?

The flight attendant, Beverly McCurley, stepped in when other passengers on the flight complained that a mother on the plane was hitting her 13-month-old daughter in the face. McCurley found the parents in a heated fight and saw the mother "strike the child with an open hand on the face." The police report said that the husband was yelling at his wife to shut up because she was screaming at the poor kid.

Paramedics and aviation police descended upon the couple once the plane landed, but concluded that the mother's behavior was an "isolated case" and returned the baby to the parents -- even though the child was reported as having a black eye, which the parents claimed was from an "uncle's dog."

"I think it was a solid move on the part of the flight attendant to take custody of the child," airport police chief Marshall Katz said. "It neutralized the situation; it calmed everybody down."

"Uncle's dog"?! Really? I don't know if I'd be so ready to believe that, considering that this mom unabashedly SLAPPED HER BABY ACROSS THE FACE in public.

I mean SERIOUSLY -- is there any way this is excusable?!

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Kaye Gadzinski March 16, 2011, 4:51 PM

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