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Notes from Bedrest: One Billion Bottles of Beer on the Wall

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Jane from L.A.: I moved on a gurney/via ambulance. We sold our house. We were without TV or Internet for waaaaay too long.

One Billion Bottles on the Wall

There has been a lot of stress (some more serious than others) in my life. It has NOT been easy. But here I am. Twenty-eight weeks pregnant. My doctors just left and I'm feeling -- dare I say it -- cautiously optimistic about Baby Boy Wiseman for once. Dr. B thinks my cervix is not an issue anymore. His only concern is not repeating what happened with Willa -- water breaking just shy of 33 weeks. Still a big concern, but at least he doesn't consider me the double whammy: incompetent cervix/premature rupture of membranes risk that I was. Okay ...

They decided that my next doctor visit (in three-ish weeks) will be in their offices (in a wheelchair, don't get too excited). That will be the extent of my outings, but I'll take it.

I have been lying down for 60 days. The new bedroom is a wonderful change, but I may burn my bedding when this is over -- thank God I have developed an online shopping habit and purchased a new duvet and sheets. And bed. And headboard. And matching side tables.

Friends compete to see who can braid my hair the best. So far, Samie is in the lead. I judge based on style and time before it falls out. At least I don't have dreadlocks anymore. I dare you to french braid as well as Falvey.

Willa is loving the new digs and picks oranges from the tree every morning for her shopping cart and then brings me fresh juice. She likes sharing her food and bouncing on the bed and pointing to my belly while saying, "baby!" I'll take it for now. I can't wait for the day when I can pick her up, swing her around and hold her again. But I'll wait. Hopefully for another eight or so weeks.

Thanks for all the support and good wishes. My heart aches for my dear friend Shane (and her sister, Robyn) who was pregnant with the same due date as me -- who passed away this week. I am definitely aware of how lucky I am and how fragile life is.

Please keep thinking positive thoughts.


* "Notes from Bedrest" is a new column that features e-mails from a mom who recently experienced bedrest. We are posting her e-mails chronologically in the order she wrote them.

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