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SING IT!: The 'Twelve Days 'til School Starts' Song

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Michelle Kemper Brownlow: I'm not a songwriter; my forte is children's books. But while I've been trudging along through the last few weeks of summer vacation, a song has been building in my head. A ballad of sorts. When I think of all the things I have to do to get my kids ready to go back to school, I am overwhelmed with how much time I DON'T have ....

school bus

I look around my house and wish I had made my kids keep up with their chores -- it looks like I will spend until Christmas break getting our lives back in order. I look at my calendar and kiss away the long, lazy days at the pool with no practices, plays or chorus concerts to think about.

At the same time, however, I find myself daydreaming about actually drinking my coffee while it's hot after the last of the three buses pulls away. So, this ballad has taken shape as I've thought about all of the "delightful" things my children have given me that I can reflect upon while sipping my steaming java in the next couple of weeks ... alone ... on my porch ... alone.

I call it, "The Twelve Days 'til School Starts."

On the twelve days 'til school starts, my children gave to me ...

12 excuses at bedtime
11 grumpy mornings
10 pleas for school clothes
9 conversations about cell phones
8 arguments about boyfriends
7 school-supply lists
6 new school walk-throughs
5 migraine headaches
4 "I think I'll miss you"s
3 lunches to pack
2 brother-sister meltdowns

Sing it!

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