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Still A Virgin? Then Read The Fine Print

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CBS4: Driving around Miami you can't miss it: Bus stop advertisements featuring a 1-800 number offering help for, Virgins? The ad is confusing drivers across South Florida.

Still a Virgin

"It's not the first one that I see. It's pretty cool though," said Ansley Blanco, as he stopped next to one Monday.

CBS4 News also asked Stephanie Navaro what it was about. She responded "I have no idea. I'm curious to call the number and find out."

One man put his hands up to the air referring to the Virgin Mary.

We explained, "No, not that kind a virgin sir."

Danny Sanchez summoned it up best as he studied the ad: "What help can they offer? What's wrong with being a virgin?"

That's a good question.

When we dialed the number, the hotline lead us through a series of prompts offering comical advice on losing your virginity. Confused, we read the fine print on the sign: "Rated R, Columbia Pictures".

It's for a movie.

The Virginity Hit is due out next month. The comedy "documentary" is using these movie posters for publicity. But it also has some shaking their heads.

"That's messed up," said Darrl Auberry, a coordinator for Abstinence Between Strong Teens International (ABSTINC). He says the movie and the ad goes against everything he is teaching teenagers and is using a very powerful tool to do it, humor.

"If we can get you to laugh at something, then we are going to ignore the destruction it brings, and that's what they are doing," said Auberry.

Auberry says parents can turn it around though. Instead of avoiding bus routes, mom and dad should use the signs to promote conversation.

"Get them to tell you what they think about it. And then get them to tell you how could this work. You're laughing about this, but if you lose your virginity and you end up pregnant, what can happen? Get them to see the consequences," Auberry said.

Regardless of which side of the abstinence debate you fall on, the signs are certainly going to create movie buzz. And perhaps some interesting conversations at the bus stop.

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Wondering August 31, 2010, 11:40 AM

I can’t help but wonder, what is it with the whole pregnancy concerns that come with sex? Yes, it’s something to be concerned about, but what about STD’s? Why isn’t anyone bringing those up just as much as unplanned pregnancy? Yes I understand another human being is involved with it, but what about the ones making the choices? A pregnancy can always be dealt with in which ever way people so choose, STD’s aren’t so clear cut, and some can kill.

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