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The Bitch Stole My Babysitter!

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Angry Mom: There's a single mother in our neighborhood that we've been friendly with for a while now. Her husband left her last year for a younger woman, and I, feeling sorry for her, did anything I could to help her out. My husband took care of some of the "honey-do" stuff her ex used to do; we loaned her our spare car when hers was in the shop and I listened to her gripe about her situation nonstop. But the way she chose to show her gratitude was to sneak behind our backs and pull one of the biggest no-nos in history: The bitch stole our babysitter!

angry woman

Our always-on-time, kid-whispering, loving, amazing caregiver had been like part of the family for two years.

I'd heard of the "nanny nabbing" thing, but I never thought it happened between people who were friendly with one another! This is something you just do not do. It goes up there with making friends with married men, or ... I don't know, sneaking guns on airplanes. Am I right?

I feel so betrayed, so hurt, by what this woman did. Our sitter's 16, and of course she had nothing like a contract with us -- she didn't know. But that bitch down the street did. I think of the times I commiserated with her about how hard it must be to raise a child on her own. I told her she needed to get out more, needed to find a good babysitter that she could trust. I said we could go on a "ladies' night" together. "I'll give you the number of our sitter," I said. "I bet she has some friends who could help you out." Had I only known .... 

I find myself fantasizing about the ways I could get revenge, but then I remember that it wouldn't change anything, and I just end up in tears. I can't get over what we lost. This girl didn't just babysit, she engaged our kids, taught them, went on adventures with them, loved them. And now she's gone -- and they don't know what to think. 

I do, though: Learn from our mistake. Be thee not so stupid, and let no one -- and I mean no one -- near your babysitter's contact info.

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