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'Dear Republicans: Nobody Likes a Sore Loser!'

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Guest blogger Kimberly Seals Allers: Dear Republicans: Nobody likes a sore loser, especially when your loss means that 32 million Americans without health insurance will actually win.

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I was really troubled to read recent news reports that Republicans are now planning to chip away at healthcare reform if they cannot dismantle it completely. Their plan is to choke off appropriations funding for key pieces, since House approval is required to pass such spending. This just reeks of childishness and poor sportsmanship. 

If an NBA player lost the playoffs and then trash-talked the winning team and tried to dismantle their win, he would be blasted for bad sportsmanship and pooh-poohed as a sore loser. If my 6-year-old son lost a soccer game and then tried to kick dirt on the other team, he would likely be benched for a few games, and I would certainly be expected to give him a stern talking to about accepting loss and moving on. I'm not sure why this basic childhood lesson has escaped much of the Republican party. 

They refuse to accept that the majority of American people have spoken, through their elected representatives. They refuse to accept that saying healthcare reform is too expensive and then offering tax cuts to corporations and the super rich is just plain silly. They are more focused on bruised egos and not letting President Obama have any accomplishments, even if hardworking freelance workers like myself are among those who suffer. After all, who cares about the uninsured? 

Please, leave it alone. Move on. Even House Republicans acknowledge that a full repeal might pick up a few Democratic votes, but the effort would fail in the Senate. In fact, their strategy could backfire with consumers, particularly if it threatened popular provisions (such as allowing children to stay on their parents' insurance plans until they turn 26). 

In case you haven't noticed, dear Republicans, there's a huge fracture in your party that desperately needs your attention. It's called the Tea Party (or "teabaggers," if you like Bill Maher). Instead of trying to keep millions of Americans from getting cost-effective health coverage, spend your energy repairing your party from the inside. Or how about you propose a real plan for America, preferably one that doesn't leave the elderly to die, the unemployed to sink and millions of hardworking independent contractors without affordable healthcare coverage? 

In the meantime, please take a lesson from any local 8-year-old and learn how to take your wins and losses in stride.

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