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The Duggars -- Nineteen and Counting?!

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Guest blogger Christina Montoya Fiedler: You know those dramatic double takes that people do in the movies? Well, I may have actually done one when I was in the grocery store last week and saw a headline announcing that the Duggars are open to -- and considering -- having yet another child.

duggar family expecting 19th child
The whole thing is making me ask, "When is enough ... enough?" And I'm sure I'm not the only one.

Let me first say, hats off to Michelle Duggar. She's an incredible woman, and most people couldn't do half of what she does in one day. I know I can't.

But consider this: The Duggars' nineteenth baby, Josie, was born prematurely and spent weeks in the hospital before she was able to go home and join her eighteen brothers and sisters. On top of that, she had a perforated bowel and digestive problems that threatened her life. At that point, most of America thought the Duggars would call it quits on their baby-making days. Not so.

Both parents are in their mid-to-late 40s. When Josie is 20, they will be in their late 60s. Sad to think, but they probably won't live to see many of their grandchildren, or be fit enough to wrestle around with their kids on the playground without some serious aches and pains. Is it even possible to attend emotionally to that many kids and give them the attention that each one needs as a unique individual? Most of us have trouble doing so with just one or two kids.
Image what it's like with nineteen ... or twenty.

And what about the social implications? "People think we are overpopulating the world," said Jim Bob in a recent issue of People Magazine. "We are following our convictions." Point well taken, Jim Bob, but is it fair to the children -- and to your wife, who stands to have another bout of preeclampsia and risk having a fatal stroke? What would you do as a single father of 20?

Yes, the Duggars might "want" to have more kids, but what will the quality of life be like for that twentieth child? Help me out here, moms. What do you think about the fact that the Duggars are openly trying for baby number 20?

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Debbie October 19, 2010, 8:57 AM

I am not sure what to make of this really. I have three adopted children who were basically thrown into the system, I applaud those that make it work, but I question how much time, you give a child, quality child, is actually given. I have a hard enough time giving the kids attention then because each have many needs and didn’t get their needs met at a early age. I hope that the Dugger children make good decisions for their life, and they are happy and healthy. JimBob and Michellle, I think need to focus on the children that they have now and make sure that the children don’t feel left out. Also Michelle needs to be their mother and not pass it off to the older children that is not their responsibility to raise their siblings, it is her responsiblity totally. JimBob, needs to be a little more open-minded as to how his children’s mental health is, I hope none suffer from depression due to lack of atention.

Heather October 19, 2010, 11:12 AM

I wish that I saw more children like the duggers. the oldest son seems very happy has his own business and some of the younger ones have their hown bussiness ans well. If more family’s were like the duggers then this world could be a better placeand children today more respectful… GO DUGGERS!

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