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Four Stages of Divorce Acceptance

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Divorce Detox: Through divorce, one of life's greatest challenges, we learn that we can survive the worst, we gain the wisdom we need, and we learn to tolerate uncertainty. Most importantly, we learn to be patient and to relinquish control over the outcome. Here are some tips to help you move through divorce in a healthy and adaptive way:

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Mindfulness: Practicing mindfulness and staying in the present moment is a great tool to use during divorce. When life becomes challenging, our tendency is to go to negative future fantasies or to long for the past. The power of now can be very grounding and helpful when things become uncertain. The one thing you can always come back to is your breath. You can be sure it will always be there when you need it.

Support: Surrounding yourself with supportive, loving people during divorce is essential. Many of us tend to isolate and try to just power through difficult life situations by ourselves -- and forget to reach out to others. Joining a support group or just calling a friend can be extremely helpful when things feel overwhelming.

Self-Compassion: Many of us forget to treat ourselves with the same understanding and compassion we would show others. Divorce is painful, making it important for you to remember to be kind and gentle with yourself.

Grieving: Divorce involves loss and therefore requires a period of grieving. We often think of grief as a negative experience, but it is actually an essential aspect of moving forward. Give yourself the opportunity to grieve -- and consider seeking professional help to ease the process.

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Kristin | Divorce Tips September 27, 2010, 7:24 AM

When going through the process of divorce, there are lots of things you have to consider - consequences, complications, the people that will be affected, the kids and what lies on the future for both and woman. This post will help you get enlightened on these things.

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